A Year in Review (2019-2020)

1 Apr 2020

It’s our birthday! Hack The Box just turned three years old and we couldn't be more excited! Your continuous support, feedback and suggestions made this possible and we want to thank you once again for that.

Last April, the HTB platform was hosting 120,000 members. Today, we are close to 300K!

Since last year we have tripled our team, allowing us to pursue more ambitious goals and deliver more cutting edge content to our users. We want to sincerely thank you for being the heart of this platform and we promise to continue growing and enhancing it. Our mission is to make HTB the place where hacking training meets fun, constantly providing our members with new content and exciting features.

So, here is what’s coming next. Sit tight and enjoy :)

[+] Starting Point

Released: Last Week

Are you a beginner in HTB or even hacking in general? Looking for a way to start practising and learn how to hack? For all developers out there, sysadmins, IT professionals, IT students, gamers, or anyone curious about hacking, Starting Point is the place to start. The introductory tutorial and boxes help new users get acquainted with our platform, while people just starting their journey in hacking get the push they need with a more structured and guided approach.

[+] New Pro Lab: Cybernetics

Released: Yesterday

Our third Pro Lab was released yesterday and it is called Cybernetics! An immersive Windows Active Directory environment simulating a lab themed as an organization that designs and manufactures robots that bridge communication gaps between humans, animals, and machines. You are a consultant that was brought in to perform a red team assessment on the Cybernetics environment. Your objective is to establish a foothold and pivot through the internal environment and acquire domain administrator privileges in all domains. 21 machines and 18 flags are awaiting, can you break through?

[+] Machine Tagging

Release: Q2 2020

All Hack The Box Machines will now be tagged. Tags will be describing the Machine on every aspect like their underlying OS, framework, applications, vulnerabilities, etc. Therefore, users will be able to search for the Machines most relevant to their hacking preferences and train on what they need to focus on. It will also be a great way for HTB members to showcase their skills based on relevant technologies by completing Machines of a specific Tag Category.

[+] HTB Platform Revamp (New UI & UX)

Release: Q2-Q3 2020

A new user interface design is coming soon for the HTB platform. Through feedback from our users and a focus on design, we have revamped the entire platform so users can focus on the task at hand... HACKING! Plenty of new features and functionality bundled, including universal search, better machine/challenge filtering and sorting and of course, better looks! :)

We will be releasing the brand new Hack The Box Platform in two phases. The first phase will be the minimal version which will include functionality and an interface overhaul for our core components like Machines, Challenges and User Profiles. This phase will include an all-new and improved machine/challenge filtering and rating system, a global search which will allow you to search for machines/challenges/users, simplified connection settings and a completely refreshed user interface. The platform has also decreased its load speeds drastically for a more seamless gaming experience. During the first phase, users will have the option to swap between the new and old UI.

The second phase will include the full-fledged platform with all it's glorious looks and functionality. We have reworked every aspect of Hack The Box to improve our players experience within the platform. More details to come.

[+] Hacking Battlegrounds

Release: Q2-Q3 2020

Hacking Battlegrounds (aka HBG) will be a sheer new way of competing, learning and playing Hack The Box!
Players will be split into two teams (pre-made or solo). Each team will be competing over timed battles in several different game modes with multiple ways of getting points including availability and traditional flags. We will be releasing Hacking Battlegrounds in stages, the first stage being an invite-only beta. The first two game modes will be Cyber Mayhem and Server Siege.

[-] Game Mode: Cyber Mayhem

Two sets of machines will be spawned, each set belonging to a team. Each team will be given root access to their own set of machines and will be tasked to secure them while trying to attack the opposing team’s machines.

[-] Game Mode: Server Siege

One set of machines will be spawned and both teams will compete over who hacks the machines first. Once hacked, the team should secure and defend them from the opposing team while working their way through root access.

That’s all for now. We hope you are as thrilled as we are for what’s coming next. Let’s all make together 2020 a good year.

And don't forget, hacking is the new gaming! :)

2019-2020 Stats
  • Written 500,000 Lines of Code
  • 172,000 New members signed up
  • Released 50 Machines and 50 Challenges
  • 223 Universities Enrolled
  • Hosted more than 30 CTFs
  • More than 640,000 owns across Machines and Challenges
  • 470,000 Machines spawns