Akerva Fortress

19 May 2020

Hack The Box New Hacking Fortress by Akerva

Following the Jet Fortress on the Hack The Box platform, we are excited to present today a brand new Fortress by Akerva.

Security consultant @aas_s3curity from @Akerva_fr Team has created a fun single-machine Fortress containing 8 flags. Conquering the Akerva Fortress will require a number of skills, including:

  • Web Enumeration and Exploitation
  • Linux Enumeration and Privilege Escalation
  • Cryptography
  • Creative Thinking!

The Akerva Fortress presents a two-fold challenge. First, this is your opportunity to stand-out and impress Akerva’s recruiting team. What’s more, this Fortress provides a wealth of interesting techniques and learning outcomes that can be applied to real-life scenarios.

Founded in 2013, Akerva is a consulting firm specializing in cybersecurity and risk management that supports large companies and administrations in their digital protection strategy. The company’s specialized consultants and auditors are involved in high added value advisory and audit assignments on complex security issues. You can explore the company’s current job openings on the Akerva HTB Business Profile

Discover this new Fortress, demonstrate your skills and stand-out! 

Hack The Box Team