Dedicated Labs Now Have Plans!

15 Apr 2020

We have news! For all the companies and teams that use - or want to use - our Dedicated Labs for their corporate cyber security training, we are happy to announce the release of new tiers and exciting features that will boost your training experience with HTB.

Training a cyber security team can become a pain, especially when employees have different skills, different areas for development, and different time schedules or training preferences. The HTB platform offers the perfect learning environment that can match any team’s needs.

Before deep-diving into the new Plans and their features, let’s first make a short intro for those who know Hack The Box but don’t know Dedicated Labs.

What Is "Dedicated Labs"?

Our Dedicated Labs service provides an isolated environment, perfect for training and assessment, where a cyber security team can access an ever-expanding pool of Hack The Box machines and practice on common system vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The management is entirely handled by the Administrator of the Lab from a single dashboard, having full control over the enrolled users and the spawned machines for a seamless operation.

New Plans

Dedicated Labs is offered as an exclusive, corporate-level service via three Plans:

  • - Standard
  • - Advanced
  • - Enterprise

Hack The Box Dedicated Labs for Companies: New Plans, New Features

All three Plans include the same baseline of features, while Advanced and Enterprise include progressively more advanced in functionality features - features are described on more detail below. All Plans start from 10 users which are “seats” that the Lab Master can grant to any employee of their choice.

New Features

Guest Users [Available in Advanced & Enterprise Plans]

For non-registered users, a Lab Master can create temporary guest accounts that will allow them to access the virtual lab environment and start their learning journey.

Usage Monitoring & Reporting [Available in Advanced & Enterprise Plans]

This feature allows the head of a cyber security team to effectively keep track of the overall participation and engagement for every enrolled employee. Select a date range and export daily stats for your dedicated training lab including time spent, activity, training hours per employee, etc.

Exclusive Machines [Available in Advanced & Enterprise Plans]

A brand new set of machines, available only to our corporate customers with content that has never been published on Hack The Box before. A perfect opportunity for a candidate evaluation use case or user assessments.

Custom Machines [Available in Enterprise Plan]

Maintain your private pool of vulnerable machines for a fully customized training campaign. With the Custom Machines option, you can develop and submit to our platform your own machines to be part of your isolated environment.

There are numerous ways companies utilize the Hack The Box platform to keep their employees trained, engaged, and attack-ready. Dedicated Labs is just one of them.

Ready to choose the Plan that best fits your team’s needs? We are here to help. Reach out to [email protected] and get started!

Happy Training!

Hack The Box Team