The Future of VIP

19 Jan 2019

Since introducing VIP labs over a year ago, the feedback has been excellent. Users found the ability to pay a small amount in order to have a smoother, quieter experience in the HTB labs, as well as being able to access retired machines a major boon. HTB has grown so much in the past year and a half, and as such the library of machines has grown to nearly 100. We said feedback has been excellent, but it's not all been plain sailing. One hot topic for VIP users has been the inability to guarantee the machine they'd like to play is available after the next round of VIP machine voting. It's obvious that something has to change.

With the above in mind, we're excited to announce that in the near future, the structure of VIP labs will be changing. This change was driven by user feedback, and the obvious need to provide a much more flexible and enjoyable experience, which can respond timely to the needs of the users who pay for the VIP service. Here's what believe the future of VIP will look like.

  • The machine rota for VIP labs will no longer be voted on - instead, members of each lab will have the ability to spawn any machine from the entire HTB library, regardless of age.
  • Each machine spawned by a user will expire and be removed from the lab 24 hours after it is spawned. Should the machine you want to play has already been spawned on the lab by another user, you will have the ability to extend its lifetime.
  • The price point for these labs will remain the same initially. Existing VIP users will retain their current subscription price for as long as they are subscribed. Following beta testing, we may need to adjust the resources assigned to this new style of labs, and as such, the price point may need to be adjusted accordingly.

This development is still in the early stages, however, we're confident that we can deliver this revamped version of the VIP labs in good time. When we're closer to having the feature ready to beta, we may reach out to you - the members of HTB - to hop on to this new lab type, and to give us your feedback.

Should you have any comments, concerns or feedback on this proposed change, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].