VIP 2.0 Release

3 Jul 2019

Back in January, Hack The Box announced an exciting new feature coming to our VIP offering - the ability to spawn any machine from our back catalogue. With this release, the old VIP model of requiring users to vote for machines and hoping that they will be allocated to the VIP labs becomes a thing of the past. Now the users have full control over which machines are available in their VIP lab. This provides increased flexibility to our VIP offering and improves the experience for our users.

Six months in the making, this improvement has involved numerous new developments across our entire stack. New UI designs have been created, and integrated in to the VIP machine list. These UI improvements have also been applied to the Free offering, and include the ability to filter / sort machines by various key data points. Our back-end has seen vast development and improvements to ensure that this feature is both reliable and sustainable going forward, meaning that the same price point for VIP labs can (at least for the moment) be kept the same as before.

Each user has the ability to "own" a single machine within their lab. This can be ownership of a machine which has already been spawned by another user, or ownership of a machine that you would like to spawn. Once the machine has spawned, it will be accessible the same as any other machine on your lab, meaning you will be able to reset it at will. Once you are done with the machine, you are then able to trigger a termination, or remove your ownership of the machine (if more than one user owns the machine) and move on to spawn another.

With this release, Hack The Box demonstrates its ability to adapt to the requirements of our user base, deliver highly technical changes and to further the access to continued learning and advancement for all users of the platform.

So, when will you get access to these new labs? Right now! You will find a new menu item under "Machines" named "All" (link) The machine list has been unified to allow visibility of all machines in the Hack The Box catalogue, along with feedback regarding the status of the labs.

With all new features comes the possibility of bugs, and while we have spent a great deal of time developing and testing this new feature, should you notice any issues with the new VIP labs or see something you think could be improved, please feel free to reach out to us via our support system on the website.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, and we wish you happy hacking!

Hack The Box