A Year in Review (2017-2018)

30 Mar 2018

Hack The Box started accepting members on the 1st of April 2017, meaning that we have just closed a year of operation.

It has been a very exciting journey so far, we learned a lot of new things, met a lot of cool people and we aim for an even greater 2018-2019.

In our early days (April 2017) we had one server, hosting both web apps, labs and supporting VMs. From there we have grown and scaled to have presence in several locations in Europe and America. We want to thank our members and sponsors and express our gratitude to them for allowing us to make this a reality!

As a big thank you and to celebrate our Anniversary, we are releasing four new major features in the upcoming 1.3.0 update.

[+] Endgame

Endgames are sets of 2-4 Machines, developed by HTB Moderators, related with each other, often requiring pivoting to access them. Endgame challenges will all be of extreme difficulty to fully solve.

[+] Fortress

Companies that are present in Hack The Box can have a Machine developed and host it in Hack The Box within a separate Lab/VPN. This Machine will be called Fortress and its details and flag submission will be available in the Company profile page. A Fortress will not have a standard user/root flag. It will have multiple flags and will require different approaches to claim each.

[+] Universities

We welcome Universities to Hack The Box. Universities will be able to sign up and create an account to Hack The Box after prior verification that will be handled manually by contacting us.
Universities will be able to invite their students to join and all joined student progress and points will count towards the University. Rankings will be similar to teams in structure.

[+] Official Writeups

VIP users will now have the ability to download HTB official writeups/tutorials for Retired Machines.

Some Stats
  • Written 800,000 Lines of Code
  • 34,000 Members signed up
  • 12 Companies signed up
  • Released 58 Machines and 48 Challenges
  • Hosted 3 CTFs