HTB Academy Launches Lab Exercise 1-1 Tutoring For Annual Subcribers

6 Dec 2022

Approaching the milestone of 700,000 students, the HTB Academy team has decided to provide a new and groundbreaking feature to empower even more cybersecurity enthusiasts during their learning journey. HTB Academy is, in fact, enhancing its guided learning approach through one-to-one tutoring on module exercises that will be entirely based on the official Hack The Box Discord server

“It is in our best interest to make people progress to HTB Academy instead of getting them stuck in lab exercises. The new one-to-one tutoring through Discord will enable students to get tailored assistance, providing the best cybersecurity guided learning experience in the market.”
- Dimitris Bougioukas, Training Director @ Hack The Box

How It Works

The HTB Academy has worked hard and tested multiple times this new feature to make sure we can provide a simple and flawless experience to every user. At the current stage, Academy students can connect directly with their tutor by executing only a couple of simple steps.

◽ If a student submits the wrong answer three (3) times, a pop-up appears asking to link the HTB Academy account to the Discord account.

◽ After the student connects the accounts, a “Request Help” button appears. By clicking this, the student will send a request to a dedicated Discord channel where training coordinators and the HTB Discord Team will guide students toward the correct solution.

◽ Only when the student finds the correct solution, our staff will mark the request as resolved.

This is a completely one-to-one tutoring process, tailored based on the student's needs. For this reason, the initial roll-out will be available to only HTB Academy Silver Annual subscribers: we want to make sure to handle perfectly all the requests coming and offer top-notch and timely tutoring to every student.

Getting stuck on some lab practical exercises? You can be one of our early adopters and facilitate your learning curve. Make sure to be part of our official Discord server (we are close to 200,000 members!) and become a cybersecurity professional faster than ever.