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Become an HTB Subject Matter Expert

Join our exclusive SME club and get your expert insights featured on HTB’s blogs, newsletters, webinars, and more–reaching an audience of over 2.7 million!

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Apr 26

If you’re a cybersecurity professional looking to showcase your expertise to HTB’s audience of 2 million+ members, you’ve come to the right place. 

Hack The Box (HTB) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are our go-to team for specialist insights on editorial content.

Being part of the HTB SME club means you'll be on an exclusive list to provide specialist insights and quotes. 

Whenever we create content that involves your specialty in cybersecurity, we'll reach out to you as a potential source, and if you respond, we'll share your unique experiences with the world.

What’s an HTB SME?


At HTB, we work with SMEs to help ensure our editorial content is unique, accurate, and insightful for our audience. We want to showcase the individual experiences of cybersecurity professionals, to help others in their careers. 

Academy modules and labs are developed by security professionals, for security professionals. And our editorial content is no different. The HTB SME program takes this expert-led, community-first approach to another level!

Being part of this exclusive team brings many exciting opportunities to contribute to our content: 

  • Provide quotes and insights on blogs for industry professionals.

  • Speak about your career on webinars, panel discussions, or interviews. 

  • Get involved with HTB's PR opportunities by speaking with journalists. 

  • Share your experience across an exciting range of topics—from mastering Active Directory fundamentals to navigating new regulations in cyber.

Why should I become an SME for Hack The Box?

benefits of becoming a HTB SME

So you may be wondering what’s in it for you. As an HTB SME, you’ll gain access to a host of awesome benefits:

  • A huge audience: Our HTB community has over 2.7 million members, giving you a huge platform to share your knowledge with and feature in our editorial content. 

  • Networking opportunities: Meet other HTB SMEs and expand your professional network, meeting people you may never have connected with if it wasn’t for your involvement with HTB.

  • Recognition: Any insights you provide will be credited to you, including your name, title, and LinkedIn profile. Some content will get additional love on social media too! 

  • Share your experiences: We’re giving a voice to cybersecurity professionals, providing you with a platform to share your knowledge and experiences.

  • Help others: Your unique insights are incredibly valuable to other cybersecurity professionals, or even individuals just starting their careers. 

Will I pass the test? 

To become an HTB SME, you must have professional cybersecurity experience. So you need to have worked in the industry for at least a year. 

We welcome a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, to ensure we can provide our audience with a balanced range of insights. 

Each and every SME application will be vetted by our team. Expect to hear back from us within a week.

SME opportunities: What you’ll be helping with

As a cybersecurity professional, you’re busy, and we get that! So, we’re not asking you to commit huge amounts of time to the SME program. Here’s what we might ask you to do:

  • Provide a quote/opinion on industry news. 

  • Share insights and tips for blog guides. 

  • Celebrate your wins each month in our ThreatReady newsletter

  • Speak on panels/webinars.

  • Get involved with our PR campaigns and speak to journalists.

In total, it’ll be less than an hour of your time each month, unless, of course, you get involved with some of our speaking opportunities! 

If you’re busy and can’t help out for one month, we won’t be offended, just let us know when we reach out.

Hear it from the SMEs themselves

Enough from us, have a read of what some of our SMEs themselves are saying about the program:

I've thoroughly enjoyed contributing to Hack The Box's SME program by sharing various insights on my time in the industry, articulating specific technical knowledge, and having a place amongst cybersecurity giants where I can further the reach of my platform. 


Hack The Box has always been a favorite place of mine to learn and practice my skills and to collaborate with peers in a way that we can all win. 


Being a part of the SME program not only ties together my industry experience and love for the platform, but it also gives me yet another way I can give back to the community that welcomed me with open arms many years ago.


Bailey Marshall, President and CCO, The Security Rex.


Being part of the HTB SME program as a cybersecurity leader is a great way to give something back to the community. Inspire young and ambition people on how they can have their own path to success. 


It’s also very easy to share ideas via online forms, which saves me a lot of time compared to contributing to other blogs or communities.


Timothy Martens, CEO and CISO, T.M. cyber consultancy BV.

Join the club. Apply today! 

Want to join our team of awesome SMEs? It’s as easy as this: 

Step 1: Apply

Fill in our short form and share basic info like which topics you’d like to speak on, your industry, etc., so we can see if you’re a fit for the SME program.

Step 2: Become one of us

Within a week, you’ll hear back from us, and you’ll join the SME super team!

Step 3: Welcome onboard 

Now that you’re officially an HTB SME, we’ll send you your digital LinkedIn badge to spruce up your profile.

Step 4: Collaborate with HTB

Time for your first assignment! We’ll be in touch as soon as there’s a piece of content that you’re a perfect match for. Then, we’ll ask you questions and share your answers as expert-sourced insights for our blog.

What are you waiting for? 

Share your knowledge. Boost your personal profile. Make a difference to the security community. Join the program:


Author bio: Fiona Leake (fileake), Content Writer, Hack The Box

Fiona Leake is a Content Writer at Hack The Box. Digging deep into how people think to create meaningful content that solves problems is what gets her out of bed in the morning.

Fiona loves simplifying technical topics and enjoys occasionally trying her hand at only the most beginner-friendly HTB Machines.

Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.

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