Close cybersecurity skill gaps.
Prepare for the avoidable.

Develop and measure all aspects of your team's cyber
readiness on a single cloud-based platform.

Trusted by 1.5k+ organizations taking cybersecurity seriously.

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Meet the enterprise platform

All-in-one business solution

Boost your organization's cybersecurity skills, keep track of your team's development and identify knowledge or skill gaps quickly and easily.
All on one platform.

Improve human
cyber resilience

Develop your team's skills to proactively block risk out.

Deliver guided training for any skill level

Get attack-ready with a growing collection of training courses on various IT security topics, and certify your team's skills with HTB certifications.

Learn more about Academy for Business

Ensure learning retention with hands-on skills development through a growing collection of virtual machines in a dedicated environment.

Learn more about Dedicated Labs

Assess and certify your team's skills and problem-solving abilities with complex, realistic corporate scenarios.

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Hack The Box
Hack The Box
Hack The Box

Wrap around your cybersecurity strategy

Complement your skills development program with tools to grow, assess, and challenge your team.

Develop cloud security experts

Give your cybersecurity team the tools to practice different cloud attack techniques and exploitations of common cloud security vulnerabilities.

Learn more about Cloud Labs

Access a global pool of skilled professionals for your organization's evolving needs.

Learn more about Talent Search

Boost employee engagement and skills with private competitions, and market-leading curated hacking content.

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Hack The Box
Hack The Box
Hack The Box
Hack The Box

Cyber Attack Readiness Report 2023

Insights from testing 982 corporate teams and 5,117 cybersecurity professionals.

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Achieve everything
without switching tools

Streamline cybersecurity training, fortify your company, and measure results straight out of the box on a single, intuitive platform.


Proactively mitigate risks

At Toyota, we have a strong focus on purple teaming and using
Hack The Box lets our red and blue teams work together and learn
from each other. Through this joint effort, we can increase
the defenses and capabilities of our company.

Hack The Box Rating by 2021 Security Excellence Awards

Security Training Program of the Year

2021 Security Excellence Awards

Get a full demo with our team

Hack The Box has helped hundreds of professional teams reinforce their cyber readiness with workforce
development plans and hands-on exercises.

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Operation Shield Wall: Defending Veloria's digital frontier with real-world cybersecurity tactics

Learn how your team can gain hands-on experience in assessing response capabilities and honing skills to navigate contemporary cyber complexities, ensuring effective handling of real-time breaches with Operation Shield Wall. Register now for this exclusive session!

Thursday, July 11th, 2024 @ 17:00 UTC