Redefining Corporate Cybersecurity Training

A learning and practicing experience that is self-paced, hands-on, and gamified; the three core components of truly engaging and effective corporate security training.

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Over 700 Companies Train With Us

CISOs, CIOs, Security Managers, Heads of Penetration Testing from all around the world have decided to take their teams’ training to the next level by
bringing Hack The Box onboard.

Why Hack The Box For Business?

Because our platform counts 500,000+ members. Information security practitioners, penetration testers, hackers, experts, beginners, developers that have been trusting us with their growth as individuals and professionals.

Our Services

Crafting Attack-Ready Cyber Teams

A portfolio of cybersecurity training services and products that we constantly enrich to help companies and teams stay trained, engaged, and attack-ready.

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Hands-on Training
Only For Your Team

An exclusive corporate-level service that offers an ever-expanding pool of virtual penetration testing labs to practice on up-to-date system vulnerabilities and exploits.

Top-Notch Hacking Content
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Real-World Simulating
Training Labs

An ideal training field for organizations and teams looking into
practicing sophisticated and advanced penetration testing
techniques in a controlled environment with great flexibility
and unparalleled lab management capabilities.

Top-Notch Hacking Content

Other Services

Around Hacking

A portfolio of cyber security training services and products, constantly enriched to help
our users augment their skills in the most engaging and rewarding way possible.

Business CTF

Looking for gamified hacking challenges that will enable your employees to compete in real-time with each other and advance their cybersecurity skills in action? Host a CTF for your team! Who will capture the flag first?

Talent Search

Looking to hire the best of the best? Tap into our global talent pool of cybersecurity professionals and find your team’s next star. Create your company mini-page and start posting job openings. At £90/month.

Workshops & Seminars

Tailored to your needs, off and on-premise. Invest in your team’s cybersecurity training with a tailor-made training experience that is diligently created and customized to fit its needs, either on-premise or online. 

Academy For Business

Online cybersecurity courses, covering all employee skill levels, from the absolute basics up to advanced. An interactive learning experience with guided paths, where corporate teams can practice on live targets and put their knowledge to the test.

They enjoy training on Hack The Box and so will your employees - if they are not already using it!

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