Cybersecurity Training
For Universities

A gamified, interactive, hands-on cybersecurity training experience that students love.
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Universities Train With HTB

Hundreds of University professors utilize Hack The Box as a
training resource for their students, turning static theory into
dynamic practice.

The Fun Aspect Of Hacking Training

Our mission is to make cybersecurity training fun and accessible to everyone. No
better way to achieve that but join forces with the institutions around the world
responsible for spreading the knowledge. This is why we always welcome new
Universities to the Hack The Box platform and offer education-specific services
and special academic discounts


Key Features & Highlights

Here are the main features you get by enrolling your University or College to
Hack The Box. Be part of the biggest CyberSec community in the world!

Cybersecurity Training Labs

Take your University’s cybersecurity training seriously! Dedicated Labs and Professional Labs provide a completely isolated environment hosted under hackthebox accessible only by the members assigned to it — your students.


Access To HTB
Training Labs

Joining Hack The Box provides automatic access to the platform’s free training
labs. Upgrade to VIP to get access to our entire pool of 450+ virtual hacking labs.

New Weekly Content
One new machine and challenge released every week.

Labs for all
skill levels


Train With
Dedicated Labs

Get your own private training lab for your students. An exclusive HTB experience offering an isolated VPN environment, leaderboard, user progress, easy-to-use admin panel, and more!

Private Environment & VPN Server
Admin Management & Guest Users
User Activity Monitoring & Reporting
Exclusive Content Access
... and more!
Cybersecurity Training For Universities: A private training field only for your students


Get Certified With
Professional Labs

Advanced training labs simulating real-world scenarios, giving participants a chance to penetrate enterprise infrastructures. A certificate of completion awaits at the end.

Certificate Of Completion
Write-Ups: Guidance Documentation
Rotation Between All Scenarios
Private Environment & VPN Server
Admin Management & Guest Users
… and more!
Cybersecurity Training For Universities: Real-world labs and certification for students Your students
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Capture The Flag

Time for action. Can your students capture the flag?
Host a CTF competition for your University, the best way
to have fun while learning cybersecurity!

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Online cybersecurity courses for every skill level! From
the absolute basics up to a professional level. Offensive,
defensive, and general.

Special Academic Pricing

We do our best to support education. Academic institutions receive a special discount for all premium training services. Contact us to learn more and get started!

What Universities Have To
Say About HTB

Cybersecurity training that students love learning from and professors enjoy teaching. But don’t just take our word for it.

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Next-Level Training

Interested in our Cybersecurity Training Labs?
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