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Synacktiv Fortress

We are excited to present a brand new Fortress, created by Synacktiv!

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Apr 26

We are excited to present a brand new Fortress, created by Synacktiv! This is the fourth company lab hosted in Hack The Box, joining the ones created by Jet, Akerva, and Context (part of Accenture Security).

The Dojo Fortress, created by Synacktiv, is a challenging lab showcasing very interesting and unique vectors, combining infrastructure hacking, web exploitation, and AppSec exploitation techniques. To conquer the Fortress, participants will need a good dose of tenacity, perseverance, and out-of-the-box thinking, plus an advanced understanding of:

  • Intermediate understanding of *nix systems

  • Understanding of AppArmor

  • Intermediate understanding of PHP and Python code

  • Understanding of fundamental network infrastructure concepts

The Synacktiv Fortress will be available to HTB players from Hacker rank and above. Only the most valiant ninjas will be able to overcome this trial!

Hack The Box has helped train many of our Synacktiv ninjas”, said Wilfried Bécard - Security Expert at Synacktiv. “Building this lab was the perfect way to give back to the community and we are proud to have a Fortress to our name. The goal of this Fortress was to bring some originality to the challenges while keeping the difficulty level interesting. Hoping to have fulfilled these objectives, we only have to wish you good luck. Sharpen your shurikens and launch your assault on the Fortress!

Conquering this Fortress will be a great opportunity to stand out and add 1337 techniques to your armory, while also picking up some new skills that can be applied to real-life scenarios.

7 flags & 125 points! Will you get them all?

Enjoy the hacking!

HTB Team

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