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Practice Cloud Hacking

Identify vulnerabilities. Secure your infrastructure.

Develop Cloud Security Experts With Cutting-Edge Training

BlackSky provides dedicated scenarios, allowing you to practice different attack techniques and exploitation of common vulnerabilities, in order to understand how cloud platforms can be compromised.

Attack Cloud Environments

BlackSky focuses on the most widely used cloud platforms, each in their own, separate scenario. After completing these labs, you’ll be able to identify vulnerabilities more quickly, mitigate risks faster, and proactively secure your cloud infrastructure.

Hack The Box and BlackSky

Offensive & Defensive

BlackSky isn’t just for penetration testers. In addition to offering the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities, you’ll also learn how to secure them. Red and Blue team in perfect harmony.

What’s Included?

Cloud infrastructure is increasingly becoming the foundation of
modern business. BlackSky helps your team learn to secure it.

Total Flexibility

All three scenarios are included in a BlackSky license. Spawn them on-demand and rotate between them.

Featuring AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure technologies

Zero Maintenance

We take care of all the infrastructure so you can focus on attacking and securing. Just click and play. Effortless.

Hack The Box and BlackSky

In-Depth Skills Assessment

Each scenario includes misconfigurations, privilege escalation vectors, and common attack paths seen in real cloud environments.

Multi-Level Scenarios

Not just a collection of boxes. BlackSky replicates complex enterprise infrastructure for a realistic training experience.

Get Cloud Certified

Completing each scenario awards players with the Cloud Security Specialist (Offensive) for each technology.


Along with your certificate, successful Pro Lab
completion grants you with 40 CPE credits.

What Our Customers Say

BlackSky is transforming the way businesses secure their cloud infrastructure. Here’s what they’re saying about it...

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BlackSky FAQs

You can have as many users as you like. As with our Professional Labs, BlackSky is available starting from ten concurrent users, but you can add more whenever you need to.
No - we stand up and host the infrastructure for your BlackSky labs so you don’t have to. Just log into the Hack The Box Enterprise platform and access the scenarios as normal.
Access to BlackSky includes all three labs: Hailstorm (AWS), Cyclone (Azure), Blizzard (GCP), which you can rotate between just the same as our Professional Labs.
Unlike our Professional Labs, BlackSky is focused on the unique challenges presented by the use of modern cloud infrastructure. These labs will help your team be more aware of cloud security pitfalls specifically, and how to strengthen your security posture.
BlackSky is available separately from our Professional Labs, or as a paid upgrade to an existing Professional Labs subscription. Contact us to discuss the most suitable package for your needs.