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  • 20 Active Machines
  • 80+ Active Challenges
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  • Unlimited Machine Resets
  • 3 Endgames

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  • 190+ VIP Retired Machines
  • 110+ Retired Challenges
  • 24h Pwnbox per Month
  • Guided Mode
  • Isolated VIP Servers
  • CPE Credit Submission
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Personal Machine Instances

Play Machines in personal instances and enjoy the best user experience.

Unlimited Pwnbox

Unlimited play time using a customized hacking cloud box that lets you hack all HTB Labs directly from your browser.


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  • 2 +1 exclusive CVE-based Machines every month
  • Admin dashboard & user management
  • Private environment & VPN server
  • Access to official write-ups and walkthroughs
  • Seats rotation & flexibility
  • Unlimited certification exam attempts
  • BlackSky: Cloud Labs access
  • Find, assess and hire top talent with HTB Talent Search
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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Compare Plan Features
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Lab Access
Active Machines are a rotating queue of 20 machines that offer you points for completing them. The difficulty of these machines can vary between Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. New content every week.
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Get access to retired HTB Machines and start training in the most hands-on, self-paced and gamified way. All retired Machines All retired Machines
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Check out our official Write-Ups for a thorough explanation for each vulnerability and exploit that takes training to a whole new level. All retired Machines All retired Machines
2 Games per Month 5 Games per Month 10 Games per Month
Experience the thrill!
Multiplayer hacking games in form of timed battles.
Free Retired Machines Only
Guided Mode is designed to assist users in solving HTB machines by providing hints and guidance throughout the process. It offers step-by-step instructions and tips to help users progress through the challenges, making it particularly useful for beginners or those who prefer a more structured learning experience
x icon Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-tag filtering that helps you select the Retired Machines you want to play and train on based on Operating System, Difficulty, Attack Path, Attack Subcategory, and Language.
Most of the Challenges on our line-up are active. This means that no walkthroughs are allowed for them as long as they stay in this state. These offer points to the user who completes them depending on their difficulty
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These look and behave the same as the Active Challenges, but do not offer you any points upon completion. However, they’re a good tool to learn what that category entails and how some of the ways of solving these Challenges function. All retired Challenges All retired Challenges
3x Endgames All Endgames All Endgames
Endgames simulate infrastructures that you can find in a real-world attack scenario of any organization. Active Endgames offer you points while Retired Endgames come with Write-ups that help you build your own hacking and pen-testing methodology. Active Endgames - Guru Rank or above Active Endgames - Guru Rank or above
Retired Endgames with official Write-Ups - any rank
Active Endgames - Guru Rank or above
Retired Endgames with official Write-Ups - any rank
Free machines in Tiers 0 - 2 All Tiers All Tiers
Starting Point provides all the basic skills you need to progress through the Hack The Box platform. Access the free Starting Point Machines and their Write-ups Access all Starting Point Machines and their Write-ups Access all Starting Point Machines and their Write-ups
2h lifetime 24h /month Unlimited
Pwnbox is a customised hacking cloud box that lets you hack all HTB Labs directly from your browser anytime, anywhere. No VM, no VPN. Pwnbox offers all the hacking tools you might need pre-installed, as well as the Spectator Link, a “View Only” link to share with friends to watch you as you pwn.
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Enjoy the best user experience by playing Machines in personal instances.
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Less crowded servers ensuring better responsiveness and user experience.
Customer Support

Reach the Hack The Box support team within the platform under Customer Support on the left-hand side menu,

USA 3x Servers 27x Servers Personal Instance
Europe 3x Servers 28x Servers Personal Instance
Singapore 1x Servers 1x Servers Personal Instance
Oceania 1x Servers 1x Servers Coming Soon

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What our players say

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A VIP pass is a must for any serious competitor on Hack the Box. Unless you enjoy playing life on hardcore mode with extra latency, VIP is what gets you that extra decisive edge in getting that first blood.

Pricing FAQs

Active content consists of targets (machines, challenges, etc.) that are in the current leaderboard rotation, meaning that players can solve this content for points on the leaderboard and rank progression. Retired content consists of older targets that do not offer points upon completion anymore, but have readily available professionally-written Write-ups and tutorials for players to study during their attack on the targets.
Hack The Box For Business plans can offer tailored solutions for any corporate team upskilling, including all the HTB exclusive content based on the latest threats and vulnerabilities in the industry landscape. However, if your organization requires less than 5 seats we suggest to opt for our VIP plans to start your training experience and upgrade in a second stage.
VIP+ offers players instances that have DHCP IP addresses, which isolate them from the rest. VIP subscriptions only offer more servers with less players on each one, lowering the chances for two players to compete on the same instance.
Since personal instances can still be found through a simple sweep scan, the answer is no. Make sure you secure your personal VM environments before working on any type of content. Alternatively, you can use Pwnbox, which completely eliminates any threats from other players as long as you don't save your personal information on it.
Yes, you can buy vouchers for VIP/VIP+ and use them at any time as long as you don't have an already active subscription. Once a used voucher subscription period reaches its' end, you will have to wait for it to expire before you can use another voucher, as voucher subscriptions do not stack up.
For now, there is only automatic payment. Once your payment details are registered into Recurly for our services, Recurly will take monthly / yearly payments (depending on your subscription type) automatically every billing cycle. However, cancellation is easy to do in case you want to pass on a few months. You can cancel your subscription anytime by visiting Profile/Subscriptions.