Ready. Set. PWN!

From Jeopardy-style challenges (web, crypto, reversing, forensics, etc.) to full-pwn machines and AD labs, it’s all here! Join a public CTF or organize one for your team, event, conference, university, or company.


Why CTF Players love it

CTF competitions are one of the most fun ways to
advance, challenge, and prove your cybersecurity skills
in action. Join as an individual or a team.

  • Top-notch hacking content created by HTB
  • Content diversity: from web to hardware
  • Scalable difficulty: from easy to insane
  • Live scoreboard: keep an eye on your opponents
  • Scalable difficulty across the CTF
  • Easy to register, create a team and join a CTF
  • Captivating and interactive user interface
  • Real-time notifications: first bloods and flag submissions

Flags Submitted


CTFs Hosted


Teams Competed

World-Class Hacking Content

Covering all challenge categories and difficulty levels with the latest and
must-known attack paths and exploit techniques.

Full Pwn-Style

Boot2Root machines, custom to your needs, with diverse difficulty, attack paths, and OSs. Players will need to find the user and root flag. Get ready for action!


Active Directory labs simulating real-world enterprise environments with the latest attack techniques. Try to capture all the flags and reach Domain Admin.


All challenge types are included in this category. Pick the ones that best fit your company's CTF requirements. From reversing and web to pwn and hardware.

Events & Communities

Why CTF Hosts love it

Are you a local hacking community and there is a gathering coming up? Or a massive information security event? Host a CTF!

  • Top quality content for all skills
  • CTF hosting and support
  • Live scoreboard
  • Team management
  • User progress report
  • And most importantly, players love it!

Stiff theory and exhaustive textbooks can
sometimes make an academic cybersecurity
curriculum too theoretical.


CTF competitions are a great way to increase
awareness and skill set across an organization,
while also incorporating gamification to its
teams’ cybersecurity training.

Our CTF Players & Hosts

They played, they captured the flag, they had fun, they learned! And here is what they
had to say after their Hack The Box CTF experience.


CTF (aka Capture The Flag) is a competition where teams or individuals have to solve a number of challenges. The one that solves/collects most flags the fastest wins the competition. Once each challenge has been solved successfully, the user will find a "flag" within the challenge that is proof of completion. If teams are tied, the one that finishes the challenges the fastest will appear higher on the scoreboard.
In order to join a CTF you need to have the access password. To obtain this small but powerful key you need to contact the CTF organizers or the HTB Team!
No, each platform is separate. Having an account on HTB does not mean you automatically have the same account on the CTF platform. You must register on the CTF platform and create a team (or join an existing one) to participate in any of the CTFs. You are free to use the same username and email address on both platforms.
Yes! You can join and be a captain in as many teams as your hacking heart wishes! But before you join any CTF you need to choose (aka activate) in your "Team Management page" with which team you will join a specific CTF.
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