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Event Type

Capture The Flag

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6 Days

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Entry Fee


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Prize Pool


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Team Size

1 - 10 Player

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Easy to Hard

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CTF Style

Jeopardy Style

about the event

Ready for the intergalactic chase?

A super villain named Draeger escaped from a maximum security prison, formed his own evil squad, and convinced the Intergalactic Federal Government to work for him! You are a group of misfits that came together under unlikely circumstances, each with their own hacking “superpowers” and past with Draeger...

Get ready to travel the universe on your spaceship in pursuit of proving Draeger is a criminal and getting answers for your personal stories.


A global and free hacking event.

“There are two types of beings in the Universe: those who hack, and those who do not.”

All hackers around the galaxy are welcome to join Cyber Apocalypse! This CTF is designed for infosec beginners, cybersecurity enthusiasts to advanced hackers and for everyone who wants to join our squad of misfits by testing their security skills and save the planet.

To infinity and beyond! Oh wait, wrong movie. Nevermind.

Hack The Box Prizes

There’s no better place to hack!

Hack the galaxy.

Top-notch hacking content created by Hack The Box customized for the event. Show to the entire galaxy your best hacking skills with more than 60 exclusive challenges!

Prizes: out of this world...

It’s officially the biggest prize list ever seen in our HTB CTFs! Cash prizes, training services, HTB swag, and more. You name it, we have it.

Community space party.

Last year, almost 10,000 hackers got together to save the planet! Join the Hackers of the Galaxy (yes, that’s Marvel reference) and have fun while learning.

Be the intergalactic champion!

Are you ready to achieve eternal glory? If yes, then charge your batteries and get ready for scoreboard domination!


Help us catch the villain, get more than 200 points, and claim a certificate of attendance! A special certificate will be released for the TOP 3 players.

Hack The Box Prizes
hacking content

More than 60 challenges to take on.

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Clear your calendar!

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Registration Opens

April 11th, 2022

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Live Hacking Workshops

May 13th, 2022

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CTF Starts

May 14th, 2022

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CTF Ends

May 20th, 2022


Ready for some live hacking?

We will showcase what we know best: hacking, of course! Tune in and watch talented hackers from the HTB staff plus some extraordinary special guests solving challenges live while sharing tips and tricks for the upcoming CTF. Catch the live stream on our YouTube channel.

14:00 UTC

Cyber Apocalypse Edition #2: The Intergalactic Chase - Let the hacking begin
Hack The Box Presenter

Sotiria Giannitsari (@r0adrunn3r) Senior Community Manager @ Hack The Box

14:30 UTC

Tips & Tricks for Web Challenges
Hack The Box Presenter

PinkDraconian, Hacker Manager @ Intigriti

15:00 UTC

Web App Privilege Escalation
Hack The Box Presenter

Zeyad Almadani (aka 21y4d), Training Developer @ Hack The Box

15:40 UTC

Kubernetes 101
Hack The Box Presenter

Sheeraz Ali (aka PwnMeow), Content Engineer @ Hack The Box

16:10 UTC

Pivoting & Attacking the "Unreachable Network"
Hack The Box Presenter

Julio Ureña (aka plaintext), Training Developer @ Hack The Box

16:50 UTC

Tips & Tricks for Forensic Challenges
Hack The Box Presenter

0xdf, Training Lab Architect @ Hack The Box

17:20 UTC

Siemens Intergalactic Space
Hack The Box Presenter

Ignacio Arsuaga Santos, Global Enterprise Security Architect @ Siemens

18:00 UTC

Special AMA
Hack The Box Presenter

IppSec. Submit your questions here


Look who’s joining the chase...

Do you want to get in touch with the largest cybersecurity community around? Jump on the spaceship and let’s make Cyber Apocalypse the best hacking event ever: check out the details or get in touch directly with [email protected].

prize pool

Fantastic prizes and where to find them.

I've seen prizes... seen prizes you people wouldn't believe.

Hack The Box

First Place


  • $2,000 Cash

  • $100 Swag Card

  • HTB Academy Silver Annual Subscription (including HTB CBBH voucher)

  • Cyber Apocalypse Custom Swag Pack

Hack The Box

Second Place


  • $1,000 Cash

  • $50 Swag Card

  • HTB Academy Silver Annual Subscription (including HTB CBBH voucher)

  • Cyber Apocalypse Custom Swag Pack

Hack The Box

Third Place


  • $50 Swag Card

  • Annual VIP+ Subscription

  • Cyber Apocalypse Custom Swag Pack

Hack The Box

4th - 5th Place


  • $50 Swag Card

  • 6 Months VIP Subscription

  • 1 Month Pro Lab of Choice

Hack The Box

6th - 10th Place


  • $25 Swag Card

  • 3 Months VIP Subscription



Hack for good.

Aligned to the purpose of uniting our community across the globe, Hack The Box will contribute to a donation of $10,000 to Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian medical non-governmental organisation best known for its projects in conflict zones and in countries affected by endemic diseases. They contribute to patents and intellectual property subjects, as well as research and development.

Hack The Box Prizes

Get your team ready. Sign up

The CTF is open to everyone! You can join the Cyber Apocalypse squad in 4 simple steps.


Go to


Create an account or login


Create your team (1-10 players)


Join “Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2022”


Join our Discord server and check out #cyber-apocalypse-2022 to meet your opponents, share hacking tips and connect.


Add your participation on CTFtime. Your ranking will be uploaded after the CTF ends. Don’t miss a single point!

Official Hashtag

Make us part of your journey and share training tips, comments, and any story using: #CyberApocalypse22


The dos and the don'ts

  1. Do not attack the backend infrastructure of the CTF.
  2. Do not attack other teams playing in the CTF.
  3. Do not brute-force the flag submission form
  4. Do not exchange flags or write-ups/hints of the challenges with other teams.
  5. Do not violate HTB's Terms of Service. You can read it here.
  6. Do not try to DDoS the challenges or make actions that could lead to this result. For example, brute force or use of automated tools with many threads.
  7. Do not be part of more than one team within the same CTF.

Hear it from the players.

Hack The Box Prizes
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Fir3hawk - Pro Hacker

"Awesome challenges! I’ve learned a ton last year by playing Cyber Apocalypse CTF. I had a great time especially with the Reversing category, I really hope to get more this year and I can’t wait for this to kick-off. Every aspiring hacker should participate: fun is guaranteed!” Fir3hawk - Pro Hacker 🇩🇰