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Event Type

Capture The Flag

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5 Days

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Entry Fee


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Prize Pool


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Team Size

20 Players

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Beginner to Advanced

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CTF Style

Jeopardy Style

about the event

It all started 66 million years ago, and…

🪐 In the distant future, the Intergalactic Ministry of Spies has captured and decoded communications channels hinting that an alien species have secretly arrived to Earth and are trying to find information regarding an ancient relic. The relic is considered to be a piece of powerful ancient technology that came to earth on a previous alien mission, millions of years in the past… The fate of that mission is unknown.

📜 There is new evidence describing something similar in the possession of a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt. Although there are no records of what happened to the Pharaoh, the item, or of the location of his tomb.

⏱️ The ministry is afraid that the aliens are planning to use the power of the relic to take over earth. They contacted Pandora, a famous archaeologist hacker, to help them get to the powerful artifact before the aliens. She will have to race against time and navigate treacherous ancient tombs and underground cities to locate the relic. She will face rival treasure hunters and possible lifeforms of unknown origin.

Will you help her find the artifact and save humanity?

Hack The Box Prizes

Fortune and glory kid, fortune and glory.

🗝️ Everything lost, is meant to be found.

Engage in this new, intergalactic mission with your team of hackers and prove your skills on custom, themed challenges developed by the HTB team exclusively for this event! Find the relic, save the galaxy.

💎 Prizes: is this what a treasure looks like?

Rewards worth a treasure are waiting for you. This year prizes included HTB training services for teams, tons of swag, and more special items for a total worth of $35,000+!

🗣️ Your yearly community gathering…

Are you really missing the annual HTB community gathering?! By taking part to Cyber Apocalypse you can meet, learn, and compete with the best hackers in the world. Last year, more than 12,500 joined the event.

⚡ Cross the line between reality and myth!

Making it to the top of the scoreboard means entering officially in a small circle of legendary hackers. Put your name up there and show everyone how reak hacking is done!


Get more than 200 points, and claim a certificate of attendance! A special certificate will be released for the TOP 3 players. Frame this achievement forever in history.

Hack The Box Prizes
hacking content

More than 40+ challenges to take on.

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Ready. Set. PWN!

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Registration Opens

February 18th, 2023

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Live Hacking Workshops

March 17th, 2023

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CTF Starts

March 18th, 2023

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CTF Ends

March 23rd, 2023


The day before

We will showcase what we know best: hacking, of course! Tune in and watch talented hackers from the HTB staff plus some extraordinary special guests solving challenges live while sharing tips and tricks for the upcoming CTF. Catch the live stream on our YouTube channel.


Cyber Apocalypse Edition #3: The Cursed Mission - Let the hacking begin!
Hack The Box Presenter

by Sotiria Giannitsari (@r0adrunn3r) Senior Community Manager @ Hack The Box

2.30 PM UTC

A Pentester's Guide to CTFs, live web challenge hacking
Hack The Box Presenter

by Panos Petsanas (aka panawesome) - CTFs Delivery Manager @ Hack The Box


Get involved! Hacking your local community and skyrocket your security career
Hack The Box Presenter

by Jon Peters (aka dark) - Community Specialist @ Hack The Box

3.45 PM UTC

Forensics Challenges from Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2022
Hack The Box Presenter

by 0xdf - Training Lab Architect @ Hack The Box

4.15 PM UTC

Web Hacking 101
Hack The Box Presenter

by NahamSec - Hacker & Content Creator

4.45 PM UTC

RED Team missions in a banking company
Hack The Box Presenter

by Vianney Selosse - Red Team manager @ Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale

5.15 PM UTC

How to lose a pentester in 10 days
Hack The Box Presenter

by IppSec - Training Lab Architect @ Hack The Box

5.45 PM UTC

A complete beginners guide to Web Hacking
Hack The Box Presenter

by CertBros - Hacker & Content Creator


Look who’s joining the chase...

Do you want to get in touch with the largest cybersecurity community around? Let’s make Cyber Apocalypse the best hacking event ever: check out the details or get in touch directly with [email protected].

prize pool

Fantastic prizes and where to find them.

Prize list worth a treasure. Ready to find fortune and glory?

Hack The Box Prizes
Hack The Box

Grand Winner


  • 20x Silver Annual HTB Academy Subscriptions

  • 20x $100 HTB Swag Cards

  • $2,000 Cash

Hack The Box

2nd Place


  • 20x Silver Annual HTB Academy Subscriptions

  • 20x $50 Swag Cards

  • $1,000 Cash

Hack The Box

3rd Place


  • 20x Annual HTB VIP+ Subscriptions

  • 20x $50 HTB Swag Cards

  • 20x Monthly Pro Lab Subscriptions

Hack The Box

4th - 5th Place


  • 20x Annual HTB VIP+ Subscriptions

  • 20x $25 HTB Swag Cards

  • 20x Monthly Pro Lab Subscriptions



Hack for a good cause.

Following the recent developments in the world, we want to provide a concrete help to all the people affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Hack The Box will donate $5,000 to Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian medical non-governmental organisation best known for its projects in countries affected by disasters and endemic diseases by offering lifesaving care, medical supplies, and support for local hospitals or partners.

Hack The Box Prizes

Get your team ready. Sign up!

The CTF is open to everyone! You can join the Cyber Apocalypse squad in 3 simple steps.




Create an account or login


Join “Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2023”


Join our Discord server and check out #cyber-apocalypse-2023 to meet your opponents, share hacking tips and connect.


Add your participation on CTFtime. Your ranking will be uploaded after the CTF ends. Don’t miss a single point!

Official Hashtag

Make us part of your journey and share training tips, comments, and any story using: #CyberApocalypse23


Rules help control the fun.

  1. Do not attack the backend infrastructure of the CTF.
  2. Do not attack other teams playing in the CTF.
  3. Do not brute-force the flag submission form.
  4. Do not exchange flags or write-ups/hints of the challenges with other teams.
  5. Do not violate HTB's Terms of Service. You can read it here.
  6. Do not try to DDoS the challenges or make actions that could lead to this result. For example, brute force or use of automated tools with many threads.
  7. Do not be part of more than one team within the same CTF.

Become a myth. The next champion could be you!

Your hacking skills can lead you to the top of the scoreboard. Team up with other hackers and be remembered as the intergalactic champion. Will you be the one helping Pandora to find the ancient artifact?

Hack The Box Prizes

Get A New Look.

Get our official Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2023 wallpapers and screensavers. Let HTB greet you every time you open your PC or phone.