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Capture The Flag

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5 Days

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Team Size

1 Player

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Beginner Friendly

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CTF Style


about the event

Cyber Santa Is Coming To Town!

This year, Santa went digital and hired a bunch of tech elves to update his infra. Unfortunately, some of them were malicious elves who compromised Santa’s data warehouse in the North Pole!

Santa will not give up! He is now putting together a team of expert hackers to save Christmas. In return he is giving back gifts and vacations to everyone, to the naughty and the good. Will you join this ultimate hacking squad?

Play, Learn & Win!

Capture The Flag

Start Date: December 1st - 13:00 UTC End Date: December 5th - 19:00 UTC Join, hack, save Santa!

Hacking Watch Party

December 14th, 3 - 7 PM UTC CTF challenges walkthroughs on YouTube with the best hackers worldwide!

Hack The Box Prizes

There’s no better way to get started with hacking!

Hack amazing content

25 beginner-friendly challenges created by the HTB and other special guests.

Win the best prizes

Solve challenges and get great daily prizes! Special prizes for the overall TOP3.

Learn From Iconic Hackers

The best hackers in the world will solve challenges on Youtube. Ready to learn?

Help Santa & Get Certified

Complete all the challenges and become a certified Cyber Santa hacker!

hacking content

25 Exclusive Themed Challenges!


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


5 Challenges

Hack The Box Prizes

Join The Cyber Santa Hacking Squad

The Avengers? Justice League? No, even better!

Watch the walkthroughs and Q&A on Dec 14th, live on YouTube.


Meet who is supporting the HTB Cyber Santa CTF 2021

prize pool

Tons Of Prizes... Every day!

We really feel the festive vibes! All players have the chance to win prizes every single day.

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Santa’s Right-Hand

Be the first one solving all daily challenges and win:

Day 1

£50 Swag Card

Day 2

Platinum HTB Academy Subscription

Day 3

1 Pro Lab Of Choice

Day 4

1 Annual VIP+ Subscription

Day 5

Silver Annual HTB Academy Subscription

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Cyber Rudolph

The first 1,000 users to solve all daily challenges anytime and win:

Day 1

50% Monthly VIP Discount

Day 2

50% Swag Discount

Day 3

20% Annual VIP+

Day 4

50% Pro Lab Set Up Fee

Day 5

100% Pro Lab Set Up Fee

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Lucky Elf

We will pick a lucky exploiter daily! Get at least 1 solve and win:

Day 1

£25 Swag Card

Day 2

1 Monthly VIP+ Subscription

Day 3

3 Months VIP+ Subscription

Day 4

500 Academy Cubes

Day 5

1,000 Academy Cubes

Hack The Box

First Place


  • £1,000 Cash

  • Exclusive HTB eSport jersey signed by ch4p

  • 1x Learn One 1-Year Subscription

  • 1x Hak5 Bash Bunny Mark II

  • 1x Sony Playstation 5

  • 1x Sony PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

  • 1x Annual Snyk Plan

  • HTB Winter Swag Box

Hack The Box

Second Place


  • £500 Cash

  • 1x PWK90

  • 1x Hak5 Bash Bunny Mark II

  • 1x Sony Playstation 5

  • HTB Winter Swag Box

Hack The Box

Third Place


  • £250 Cash

  • 1x Sony Playstation 5

  • HTB Winter Swag Box



Hack for good.

For every challenge that gets at least one solve, Hack The Box will be making a donation to, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to computer science education and increasing participation by young women and students from underrepresented groups. Your goal is to hack as much as possible to help us support's mission. The team that achieves the most bloods will get a special prize!

Hack The Box Prizes

Join The Scoreboard

The CTF is open to everyone! You can join the Cyber Santa squad in 3 simple steps.


Go to


Login or create an account


Join “Cyber Santa CTF”


Join our Discord server and check out #cyber-santa to meet your opponents, share hacking tips and connect.


Add your participation on CTFtime. Your ranking will be uploaded after the CTF ends. Don’t miss a single point!

Official Hashtag

Make us part of your journey and share training tips, comments, and any story using: #HTBCyberSanta21


Rules of the game.

  1. New challenges will drop daily at 1 PM UTC.
  2. In order to win the “Cyber Rudolph” prize, players will need to solve all 5 daily challenges within 24 hours.
  3. Daily winners will be announced right after they achieve the requirements to win prizes. Grand Winners will be announced at the end of the CTF!
  4. It is strictly forbidden to perform any kind of Denial of Service or any other unwanted actions against the servers or associated infrastructure.
  5. Do not try to brute force the flag submission system.
  6. Do not perform any unwanted actions against other teams/members.
  7. Do not try to exchange flags/write-ups/hints of the challenges during the competition with other teams participating or to other external entities.
  8. Do not distribute the content of the CTF (the challenges) to third party entities for help.
  9. “Cyber Santa” is an individual CTF. Teams with more members will be disqualified.
  10. Behaviour in Discord and towards other players or HTB Team must comply with our ToS and Discord ToS. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate penalty.
  11. Please familiarise yourself with the ToS in place regarding our content and intellectual property.
  12. Any violation of these terms will automatically disqualify the player from the competition.
  13. Rules are rules, but rule No. 1 is to have fun! Let the scoreboard go on FIRE! 🎉