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Author bio: Jesse Rivera (JXoaT), Product Marketing Specialist, Hack The Box

Jexx is a digital alchemist who weaves narratives at the crossroads of technology and creativity. Known for demystifying the enigma of infosec and translating cyberspeak into the common tongue, Jexx bridges worlds—connecting the dots between companies and the clandestine circles of hackers. 

In the nexus of binaries and prose, Jexx finds their home. Once a systems admin, with a slew of foundational certifications (CySA+, PenTest+, Security+, Network+), they began to write about their curiosity surrounding threat hunting—which led them to where they are today. 

Jexx has established roles at security companies like Vonahi, Cobalt, and HackerOne. Channeling an innate curiosity into crafting stories that resonate with the heart of the hacking community, Jexx uses videos, blogs, and graphics as tools to have some fun. 

He advises, if you’re curious, don’t wait. Investigate. Their favorite line is still a quote from Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.