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Event Type

Capture The Flag

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5 Days

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Entry Fee


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Prize Pool


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Team Size

20 Players

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Beginner to Advanced

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CTF Style

Jeopardy Style

about the event

Will you be the last faction standing?

"We used to be peaceful and had enough tech to keep us all happy. What do you think about that?

These data disks alluded to some "societal golden age." No fighting, no backstabbing, and no factions fighting for some lousy title.

Good, great for them-

Because all we get to look forward to is "The Fray."

alarms blaring

Oh, look-... it's showtime." (Quote: Luxx, faction leader of the Phreaks)

💥 Welcome to "The Fray." A societal gauntlet made of the most cunning, dedicated, and bloodthirsty factions. We are all bound by the same rule–be one of the last factions standing. All brought to your overlords and sponsors at KORP™.

Our city's lights bring people from far and wide. It's one of the last remaining mega structures left after the Great Division took place. But, as far as we are concerned, KORP™ is all there ever was and will be

They hold The Fray every four years to find the "best and the brightest around." Those who make it through their technological concoction of challenges become the "Legionaries," funded factions who get to sit on easy streets for the time between the next fight.

The current Legionaries are:

👹 The Phreaks: The telecom companies banded together under the guidance of a motley crew of hackers who hijacked their entire base of operations. Their goal is seemingly to keep the party rolling, but under the hood, they always seem to be planning something. They are the most likely to help newer factions.

💰 The Profits: They say your salvation is worth its weight in gold; for them, it's not a figure of speech. This faction consists of the legacy of economic leaders, market analysts, and creators of quant software. More than any other faction, they want to be a part of KORP.

🎥 The Talents: Online celebrities and software developers came together to create their vision for the future. In the end, they want all eyes on them. Their drive for glory and views pushes them to perform incredible feats actively.

🌲 The Revivalists: This faction aims to bring down the current system and start from the basics, rocks and sticks. They want to return to a natural way of life and leave tech behind, believing society needs a reboot. Despite being one of the legionaries, they are vocal about dismantling KORP.

The Factionless: More and more people seem to arrive every day, looking for opportunities to succeed and create factions of their own. Until they find their place, they are known as Factionless.

There have been rumblings about this year being different. There are rumors of factions banding together to stop The Fray once and for all.

How about it? Will your faction rise to the top? Or will you be the one to tear down the system?

Hack The Box Prizes

Assemble your friends, build your faction, and show them you mean business!

👊 Build the strongest faction.

KORP™ has created distinct trials for all factions to overcome! Nothing is more important than your allies and a pursuit to become a stronger unit. Overcome our obstacles and show opponents you’re not here to play.

💎 Prizes: Dominate the Fray for handsome rewards

We have bumped up the prizes for our winners! We are throwing down $68k worth of goodies into the arena this year. From incredible platform resources to cash prizes, we have made sure the effort continues to be worth the reward.

🗣️ Join a community function like no other

Are you missing the annual HTB community gathering?! By taking part in Cyber Apocalypse you can meet, learn, and compete with the best hackers in the world. Last year, more than 15,000 joined the event.

⚡ Become etched in HTB history

Making it to the top of the scoreboard means entering officially in a small circle of legendary hackers. Put your name up there and show everyone how real hacking is done!


Get more than 200 points, and claim a certificate of attendance! A special certificate will be released for the TOP 3 players. Frame this achievement forever in history.

Hack The Box Prizes
hacking content

Tackle more than 50 challenges on the road to glory

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Ready. Set. PWN!

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Registration Opens

1 Feb, 2024

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Live Hacking Workshops

8 March, 2024

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CTF Starts

9 March, 2024

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CTF Ends

13 March, 2024


Live hacking workshops, and much more

Meet the HTB team one day before the CTF in an exclusive live stream! Tune in and watch talented HTB hackers plus some extraordinary special guests. Catch the live stream on our YouTube channel.

An Overview of CWEE
Hack The Box Presenter

by 21y4d - Training Development Director @ Hack The Box

Speedrunning Very Easy Challenges
Hack The Box Presenter

by panawesome - Community Manager @ Hack The Box

Why Staying in Your Parents’ Basement Isn’t the Best Way to Become a Hacker
Hack The Box Presenter

by Emma - Community Operations Specialist @ Hack The Box

A Brief History of Awful
Hack The Box Presenter

by Jon Peters (aka dark) - Community Specialist @ Hack The Box

Going Beyond Root On Beginner Forensics Challenges
Hack The Box Presenter

by 0xdf - Training Lab Architect @ Hack The Box

prize pool

KORP’s™ finest for our victors

Prize list worth a treasure. Ready to find fortune and glory?

Hack The Box Prizes
Hack The Box

Grand Winner


  • HTB exclusive challenge coins

  • 1x Flipper Zero (per team member*)

  • 1x Gold Annual HTB Academy subscription (per team member)

  • 1x 3-months Pro Labs HTB Labs subscription (per team member)

  • $2674 cash

Hack The Box

2nd Place


  • 1x Gold Annual HTB Academy subscription (per team member)

  • 1x Annual HTB VIP+ Subscriptions (per team member)

  • $1337 cash

Hack The Box

3rd Place


  • 1x Silver Annual HTB Academy subscription (per team member)

  • 1x $50 HTB Swag Card (per team member)

Hack The Box

4th Place


  • 1x Annual HTB VIP+ Subscription (per team member)

  • 1x $75 HTB Swag Card (per team member)

Hack The Box

5th Place


  • 1x Annual HTB VIP+ Subscription (per team member)

  • 1x $50 Swag Card (per team member)

Hack The Box

6th-10th Place


  • 1x Month of HTB VIP+ Subscription (per team member)

  • 1x $25 Swag Card (per team member)

Hack The Box

Top Cyber Apocalypse Writeup (picked by us)

  • 1x Sony PlayStation®5

*for a maximum of 20 players


Get your team ready. Sign up!

The CTF is open to everyone! You can join the Cyber Apocalypse squad in 3 simple steps.




Create an account or login


Join “Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2024”


Join our Discord server and check out #CA-2024 to meet your opponents, share hacking tips and connect.


Add your participation on CTFtime. Your ranking will be uploaded after the CTF ends. Don’t miss a single point!

Official Hashtag

Make us part of your journey and share training tips, comments, and any story using: #CyberApocalypse24


Rules of engagement

  1. Do not attack the backend infrastructure of the CTF.
  2. Do not attack other teams playing in the CTF.
  3. Do not brute-force the flag submission form.
  4. Do not exchange flags or write-ups/hints of the challenges with other teams.
  5. Do not violate HTB's Terms of Service. You can read it here.
  6. Do not try to DDoS the challenges or make actions that could lead to this result. For example, brute force or use of automated tools with many threads.
  7. Do not be part of more than one team within the same CTF.

Rise above or show who’s the boss

The glory of your triumph will go down in history! Climb through the ranks of other factions and claim hacker supremacy. We will immortalize your successes to inspire future entrants of Cyber Apocalypse.

Hack The Box Prizes

Get a new look

Get our official Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2024 wallpapers and screensavers. Let HTB greet you every time you open your PC or phone.