HTB for Purple Teams

Offensive strategies
to enable effective
defensive operations.

Break the silos between red & blue teams to ensure enhanced detection, risk mitigation, and threat-ready incident response plans.


Purple mindset improves
people and processes.

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Continuous learning

Blue teamers are often inundated with a high volume of alerts from security tools, making it difficult to distinguish between false positives and real threats.

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Organizational resilience

Companies find it challenging to source and retain talented security professionals. This shortage leads to increased workloads and among existing team members.

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Predictive defense

Cybercriminals train on production systems. Defenders mostly rely on outdated training and limited real-world exposure.

A best practice in a riskier
cyber world!


average purple team training hours per
year invested by Fortune500 companies.


reduction in mean time to detect (MTTD) to cyber incidents experienced by organizations regularly engaging in purple team exercises.

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8 out of 10

of cyber professionals believe that
purple teaming enhances skills and
knowledge in both offensive and
defensive techniques.


reduction in incident response and
remediation costs associated with
purple teaming operations.

Enable powerful purple security operations:
A case study on 360°
skills development.

Read the full story

How we shape modern cyber
teams and individuals.

Develop an attack & defend
mindset with HTB Academy
threat-connected courses.

16 threat-informed and market-connected courses, including how to identify incidents from multiple detection perspectives, effectively perform security analysis tasks, and create meaningful reports.


Embrace a 360° view on
cyber attacks with Sherlocks
and Machines.

Wear both hats and see how adversarial techniques are reflected in defensive operation through an ever-expanding pool of hands-on scenarios. 


Stay updated on the latest
threats with CVE-based labs!

Our content is always covering the latest vulnerabilities, focusing on the realism of the exploit and security operations. One of the main learning practices for the cyber workforce.


Jump into real-time,
simulated cyber warfare
with Hacking Battlegrounds.

Top-quality labs specially designed for these exercises, of diverse difficulty levels and domains. Teams will be able to communicate in real time using the chat features, fostering communication and coordination.

Emerging threats and
tactic response preparation

Learning and understanding CVEs in a safe environment is crucial for the
cyber workforce! Hack The Box facilitates collaborative security practices
to implement predictive concepts within defensive operations and enable
Threat Hunting operations.

The all-in-one solution for
attackers and defenders to
work together.

Any individual aiming to kickstart their career in security can easily upskill with our defensive labs and courses. Join a dynamic community with over 2.5 million members and make the cyber world a safer place.


Elevate your current career path by improving and validating your skills. Become a market-ready cyber professional to actively contribute to the security posture of your organization and clear the career path in front of you.

Managers &
technical leaders

Our performance-focused training platform provides all the material for cyber leaders, managers, and CISOs to assess and upskill cybersecurity teams. Customize your training in every stage and fully control the cyber readiness of your team.

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