HTB for Red Teams

Create the friendly
burglars your system

Test and grow your skills in all penetration testing and adversarial domains. From fully guided learning to complex, hands-on enterprise simulations!


What makes a red teamer?

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Technical expertise and adaptability

Modern, complex technologies and constantly evolving security measures make it difficult to effectively simulate real-world attacks.

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Understanding of human psychology

Manipulating online behaviors, rather than exploiting technical vulnerabilities, is fundamental to replicate attacks focusing on human errors.

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Effective communication and reporting

Red teamers need strong communication skills to articulate technical issues and their potential impact to non-technical audiences.

The state of pentesting


security events for remediation per week
reported by enterprises. Prioritization is key!

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only 43%

consider business impact analysis as a top priority guiding their remediation strategy.

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8 out of 10

recruiters find it hard to acquire security
professionals with adequate skills.


average of security solutions used by
enterprises across their organization.
The complexity of cyber infrastructure is
constantly increasing.

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Prepare for the current threat landscape:
A report on cyber readiness

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Our solution for cyber teams and

Become a market-ready
professional with the
Penetration Tester job-role path.

28 threat-informed courses, covering core security
assessment concepts and providing a deep understanding of
the specialized tools, attack tactics, and methodology used
during penetration testing.

penetration tester path

Grow your skills with an ever-
expanding pool of hacking labs!

Our massive collection of labs simulates up-to-date security
vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, with new scenarios
added every week. Access 1,000+ hacking labs to rapidly level
up (& prove) your penetration testing skills.


Adapt your technical expertise
to realistic, complex enterprise

Premium training labs designed to provide an accurate
adversary simulation against challenging, and sometimes fully
patched, enterprise technologies. Replicate real-world cyber
attackers’ TTPs!

pro labs

Validate your skills and
expertise with market-
leading certifications.

We don’t believe in framed pieces of paper! HTB certifications
are designed to confirm the skills acquired through a practical
on-the-job assessment and continuous evaluation.


Jump into gamified
assessments by competing
in or organizing CTF events.

Choose between 80+ curated Challenges organized into
packs reflecting specific job roles and skills, or build your
event from scratch with the maximum level of flexibility and
management features.

Labs & courses are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Stay connected to the threat landscape and learn how to take proactive
steps to mitigate techniques, tactics, and procedures used by real

The all-in-one solution for attackers
and defenders to work together.

Any individual aiming to kickstart their career in security can easily upskill with our defensive labs and courses. Join a dynamic community with over 2.5 million members and make the cyber world a safer place.


Elevate your current career path by improving and validating your skills. Become a market-ready cyber professional to actively contribute to the security posture of your organization and clear the career path in front of you.

Managers &
technical leaders

Our performance-focused training platform provides all the material for cyber leaders, managers, and CISOs to assess and upskill cybersecurity teams. Customize your training in every stage and fully control the cyber readiness of your team.

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