Introducing Sherlocks: a dedicated category
of blue team labs on digital forensics and
incident response.


What are Sherlocks?

Jump into hands-on investigation labs that simulate real-world cybersecurity
incidents and improve the capability to prioritize and analyze attack logs.

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Engaging realistic

Detect techniques, tactics, and
procedures used by real
adversaries in the wild.

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Enhance your
defensive skills

Learn how to prioritize and
analyze attack logs as a natural

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Become a 360°
security expert

Integrate Red & Blue labs to build
a complete skillset and become

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Developing the modern SOC analyst: A report on 360° upskilling

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Crack the case. Fortify your defense.

With Sherlocks, you will be asked to dive into the aftermath of a targeted cyber attack and
unravel its intricate dynamics using the clues at your disposal. Ready to start the investigation?


Understand the context of the attack, resources,
and critical functions involved.


Work through realistic data and logs
to find malicious activity and cyber attacks.


Learn the procedures to remove
the malicious actors from your infrastructure.

22+ Cyber attack scenarios

Which defensive security domain would you like to explore?


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