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How Hack The Box helps employers find brilliant hackers

Hiring top cybersecurity talent is hard! Fortunately, Hack The Box is where the top hackers are, and we can help.

Aug 27

Lately on the blog, I’ve discussed why many industry-leading businesses (such as Electronic Arts, Siemens, and NortonLifeLock) choose Hack The Box to provide their cyber teams with cutting edge cybersecurity training. We have absolutely zero no boring classrooms, nor tedious lectures. Instead, we offer your employees fun hacking environments so they test their cyber offense skills with the exploits cybercriminals use in real life. Our Labs simulate the operating systems, applications, and network designs enterprises actually use. And we’re always adding new Labs which reflect the latest technologies and emerging new cyber threats. Because we know from experience that people learn more effectively by being active, rather than passive students. Check out the two types of labs we offer businesses to help train their IT staff while they have fun doing so:

And now we also offer a different sort of gamified training program to teach your employees a wide range of offensive and defensive cyber skills through HTB Academy for Business. And as in our Labs, we’re always adding new content.

Hack The Box got our start by offering pentesting labs for hackers who want to enter the fast growing cybersecurity industry or improve their skills if they already have some experience.

Now we have a solid track record both as an educational platform for independent hackers and for businesses that want to offer the best training for their employees. 

The next step is obvious. Connect top hacker talent with the companies that need to hire them! We’ve already been enjoying playing matchmaker between hackers and employers. I figured this extra service we offer here at Hack The Box should be more widely known. 

Nikos Fountas

Nikos Fountas on how HTB connects employers with hackers

I figured the best person to talk to for the inside scoop about how Hack The Box connects employers with hackers is our very own Director of Operations, Nikos Fountas.

Kim “Crowgirl” Crawley
When did HTB start helping employers find cybersecurity talent, and how did that start?

Nikos “nfou” Fountas
What’s interesting is that we started this service to help the community with finding jobs… not the other way round. Our service has existed since 2018, from the very beginning.

Kim “Crowgirl” Crawley
What are the advantages to using HTB to help recruit cybersecurity talent, as opposed to using job sites and LinkedIn?

Nikos “nfou” Fountas
The key advantage when it comes to using HTB for your talent search is that we provide access to specialized cybersecurity professionals, not just access to professionals. We have a focused community of 700,000 people, who are all interested and educated in cybersecurity and are potential job candidates. Not just random laypeople see your job post. HTB offers the highest conversion because hackers with specialized skills live and breathe  on our platform.

Our rank restricted jobs is also a great feature. You can apply to a particular job only when you achieve a certain rank on Hack The Box.

What’s more, recruiters can judge what they see. Employers can see their HTB profiles, achievements, owns, points, and activity. They can see so much info about their HTB journey, not just CVs. The real thing is a more accurate way to assess a job candidate than whatever they write about themselves on their resume or CV. 

We started our talent search service to help our HTB Community. Now we are turning the focus onto companies. That’s why what was once called a job search is now called a talent search.


Leverage the power of HTB’s cyber talent for your business

When you sign your company up for Hack The Box’s platform for business, we offer our talent search service as an added perk. To get in touch with us to see how we can help your company with your specific training and hiring needs, take just a few seconds to contact us through our web form

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