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The powerful perks of creating cybersecurity content

Creating compelling content (videos, blog posts, and more) about cybersecurity can unlock multiple doors and even make you a better hacker.

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Jun 15

Step #1: Open your search engine. 

Step #2: Type “Hack The Box walkthrough.”

Step #3: Land on a YouTube video and thank the random content creator who helped you to find that root flag that was driving you crazy.

How many times did you go through these steps, or anything similar, to find helpful cybersecurity tips around the internet? 

Yes, content creators are a gem and a fundamental part of any community. But sharing knowledge also gives them the chance to develop as individuals by improving their soft and hard skills, growing their personal brand, and unlocking career opportunities.

To shed more light on the powerful perks of creating content, we’ve asked some of our favorite cybersecurity content creators how hitting publish has transformed their careers.

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Forcing yourself to become a better hacker

I often say videos peer pressured me into sticking with Hack The Box. However, they also forced me to reflect on every single machine I was solving. After I did something, I normally spent an equal amount of time (or more) thinking about how to explain it. Which I think was key in "mastering" the material and appearing as this expert whom has done pentesting for countless years.

@ippsec (Training Lab Architect)

Do you need to be a skillful hacker to create good, compelling cybersecurity content? Well, no. 

It is most likely the other way around: you will have the opportunity to become a great hacker by engaging with a relevant audience. 

Just imagine what it takes to create a video or a blog post about a simple HTB Machine—notes, research, and possibly several reshooting and recordings. By the end of a single video, you will develop  an in-depth understanding of the real-world tactics, techniques, technologies, vulnerabilities, and environments within the Machine.

Looking for more from IppSec?

Follow his YouTube channel for walkthrough videos and exciting talks about developing a successful career in cybersecurity.

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Connecting with a fantastic community

Creating content has helped my career in information security in many ways. I've become a more effective communicator, especially with complex technical topics. It has forced me to hone my ability to dive into technical topics to a new depth, as explaining something requires much deeper knowledge than just using it. Creating content has opened up a community for me. Hearing from people that I've helped them in some way is such a great feeling.

@0xdf_ (Training Lab Architect)

Sharing content about Hack The Box (or cybersecurity in general) means becoming an integral part of the community. You will be able to speak to an audience that has the same shared goal: to become better at cybersecurity. 

Creating content simply puts your voice out there. It unlocks opportunities to meet, interact, and debate with hundreds (or thousands) of other individuals and learn from them. 

Apart from mastering technical or IT-related topics, you’ll also develop soft and hard skills that otherwise might not be discovered: video editing, writing, public speaking, social media management, time management, and the list goes on.

Hack stuff with 0xdf

If you are looking for great HTB Machines write-ups, 0xdf got you covered. Stay tuned every Saturday for a new blog post, plus other CTF solutions and themed videos on YouTube.


Skyrocketing your infosec career

Creating my first videos led to diving headfirst into the community and kick-started my content creation and a portfolio of sorts. This immediately became talks at local meetups and led to my first real gig in cyber which is just wild to think about.

@darkstar7471 (Jon Peters - Community Coordinator)

As a creator, having a meaningful online presence puts your personal profile directly in front of a potential audience of employers! I mean, is there a better way to showcase your hacking skills than publishing a great walkthrough, or solving HTB Labs live on Twitch? 

The career-boosting power of content creation can help you find the cybersecurity job of your dreams. This is constantly proven in our community: there are plenty of stories of our platform members landing a first cybersecurity job position thanks to their content created while training on Hack The Box. 

Watch the last video from Dark!

Discover the best practices to get involved in your local community and kickstart your cybersecurity career.


Creating a new income stream or side hustle

Last, but definitely not least, content creation can become a side gig or even a full-time commitment and generate earnings. Of course, the road to monetization is long and for sure not easy, but we all need to start somewhere.

An interesting example of this can be found in Gary Ruddel’s journey. He managed to break into cybersecurity and become a Head of Cyber Intelligence without a formal education, and is now a YouTube content creator who has “hit 5 million impressions and almost £10k in deals with companies” in his first 12 months of being a part-time creator. 

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Affiliate Program


The Hack The Box affiliate program (explained)

The HTB affiliate program marks a great milestone for our community! Our new program will enable every content creator to promote their content and earn money based on the results. 

Specifically, all community members will be able to earn up to 15% of every annual subscription purchased through their custom links.

In order to become an official HTB affiliate, please follow these steps:

  1. Apply through this form.

  2. We review applicants on a weekly basis. You will receive a confirmation email and further guidelines when approved. Make sure to complete your profile and add all details to receive your rewards!

  3. Share your unique affiliate link through your channels.

  4. Let the magic happen! Earn up to $80 every time a new member purchases an annual subscription—with no limits.

Who can become an official affiliate? Well, everyone. No, you don’t need to be a famous influencer already, you just need to be a passionate Hack The Box user willing to help us grow our already amazing community! That said, the affiliate program is open to:

  • Influencers and content creators

  • Bloggers and writers

  • Cybersecurity professionals

  • Email newsletters

  • Podcasts and media

  • Educators

  • Community ambassadors

  • Meetup organizers or attendees

💡 Important note: special rewards will be given on a quarterly basis (every 3 months) to the biggest contributors in our affiliate program. The best content creators will be announced publicly on HTB social media and Discord while receiving exclusive gifts for their effort!

Remember, making any type of content go viral is not a sprint, but a marathon. Though, this is definitely the best time to get started! More info about the Hack The Box affiliate program can be found on our dedicated landing page, FAQs included.

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