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New HTB Cyber Attack Readiness report unveils exclusive Business CTF insights

Unique data from testing 982 corporate teams and 5,117 cybersecurity professionals in key industries with over 30 real-world vulnerability-based challenges.

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Dec 12

In a bid to enhance security resilience across industries, Hack The Box is proud to unveil the “Cyber Attack Readiness Report 2023”. This comprehensive analysis stems from assessing data from HTB’s global capture the flag (CTF) competition for corporate security teams (HTB Business CTF). 

With the participation of 982 corporate security teams and 5,117 cybersecurity professionals, including industry leaders like Accenture, Lufthansa, Toyota, Puma, and Siemens, the report delves into their experiences tackling over 30 hacking challenges. 

The report places a spotlight on several critical areas within the cybersecurity landscape. When faced with blockchain and cloud-related technologies, for example, a substantial number of security teams are still "catching up.", Solve rates for challenges in these increasingly relevant domains are nearly 30% lower than the overall average. 

Regarding employee engagement, the report underscores that over 70% of cybersecurity managers consider competitions like CTFs to be highly effective strategies for raising employee engagement and measuring skills development. 

Furthermore, burnout prevention emerges as a key focus for cybersecurity leaders. With 62% of managers view "opportunities to learn new skills" as the most effective method in preventing burnout among their security staff. 

Lastly, the report highlights motivators for security teams, emphasizing that employees prioritize skill progression over pay, with less than one in four security team members rating an “increase in pay” as the best way to engage them at work.

The report draws on performance data from the HTB Business CTF and integrates insights from a user survey conducted with 803 active cybersecurity professionals within the HTB user base.

Download the report to learn: 

  • Lessons from testing 982 corporate teams and 5,117 security professionals with enterprise-grade security challenges.

  • How industry performance changes across different technologies, including Web 3.0, cloud, forensics, and SCADA. 

  • Survey insights from 803 cybersecurity professionals regarding strategies to better motivate security teams, measure skills development, and prevent burnout.


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