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Announcing our new Enterprise Platform

Discover what is new on our Enterprise Platform

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Jul 24

More than 1,000 businesses, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and universities use Hack The Box to introduce an innovative and engaging way to learn, practice and develop cybersecurity skills and techniques.

Today we launched the latest version of our Enterprise Platform, available to all Hack The Box For Business customers. The new platform is a centralization of HTB solutions as well as providing customers with advanced analytics, reporting, user access, lab management and much, much more.

Cyber teams stay engaged and attack-ready, while managers and recruiters enjoy flexibility and simple administration across our Dedicated Labs, Professional Labs, Academy for Business and Talent Search solutions.

Why the change?

We believe that to fundamentally address the challenges around cybersecurity skills development, we need to go much further than just training.

Businesses already work with us to help them: 

  • Find and recruit skilled security professionals with Talent Search

  • Train and develop new skills across their team with Academy for Business

  • Assess and measure capabilities across their security function with Attack Simulation Labs

  • Improve engagement and retention of team members with custom Hacking Events like CTFs, workshops and more

But each of these elements has felt like a distinct part different from the other when it comes to our product experience. So we decided to fix it with the new and improved Enterprise Platform.

Announcing our new Enterprise Platform


Our customers can now specialize team skills, sharpen specific techniques, engage in competitions and recruit skilled talent - all from a single platform.

What’s new?

It’s not just about putting all our solutions in the same place, we’ve fundamentally streamlined everything about the user experience as well.

We’ve added things like Content Profiles which automatically group machines and update when new content is available, and the ability to Add HTB Challenges to your lab at any point. All our content is now Searchable, so you can find and play faster than ever, and we’ve also added two Enterprise-exclusive Professional Labs - Genesis & Breakpoint.

Announcing our new Enterprise Platform 2


Plus there’s white-labelling, enhanced activity reporting, team creation and management, streamlined lab connections and much, much more.

The future of the Enterprise Platform

We’re very excited about this latest iteration of the Enterprise Platform, but we’re far from finished.

There are dozens of additional features coming down the pipe very soon - but that’s a post for another day.

Want access to the Enterprise Platform at your organization?

Contact us to get started!

Happy hacking!

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