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Hack The Box Awarded Best Security Training Programme 2021

Hackings news by Hack The Box. Hack The Box has been named Security Training Programme of the Year 2021 at the Security Excellence Awards in London.With the majority of staff now working out

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Nov 12

Hack The Box has been named Security Training Programme of the Year 2021 at the Security Excellence Awards in London.

With the majority of staff now working outside the safety of the corporate network, training them to recognize threats and closing the cyber skills gap has never been more important. 

This award is for a company – not necessarily a specialist training provider – that is working to bring new people into the world of security through a dedicated training programme.

What are the Security Excellence Awards?
Computing's Security Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of the IT industry's leading security companies, solutions, products, and personalities – the ones who are keeping the rest of the industry operating.

Since March last year, security has faced a host of unique challenges: while remote and hybrid working are the ones that stick in everyone’s mind, nation-state and ransomware attacks are rapidly on the rise – with a corresponding increase in sophistication.

Security teams have gone above and beyond this year to combat these threats, and that work deserves recognition. That’s why these awards honor the people, organizations, projects, and products that have made it possible to not just survive, but succeed.

How are the winners chosen?
Judges select the winners of each category based on three primary factors:

▫️ Innovation
The entry is detailing something totally new or has a new approach to an existing challenge

▫️ Relevance
The entry demonstrates an outstanding understanding of their chosen field

▫️ Success
The entry shows clear evidence of success, leadership, and adoption

Judges described Hack The Box as “a perfect training platform for cyber security specialists. It provides plenty of hands-on real-life experience and a deep understanding of systems, how they work and how to protect them.”

What and who is HTB Business for?
With the recent launch of our new Enterprise Platform, we have created a single solution where companies of all sizes can manage cybersecurity skills development end to end.

We already work with more than 1,000 businesses, Fortune-500 companies, government institutions, and universities to introduce innovative and engaging ways to learn, practice, and develop their team’s cybersecurity skills and techniques.

Here are just some of the ways people are using our HTB Business solutions:

  • Academy for Business helps train & develop new skills with interactive, guided paths. People can practice on live targets during the learning experience and test their understanding as the go;

  • Dedicated Labs gives businesses a private environment to practice a variety of attack techniques with hundreds of virtual pen-testing labs focusing on the latest vulnerabilities and exploits;

  • Professional Labs lets you specialize your team in specific roles and disciplines with advanced pen-testing engagements that simulate real enterprise infrastructure in a controlled environment;

  • BlackSky: Cloud Labs give you access to click-and-play cloud hacking to practice exploiting common vulnerabilities across AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure technologies;

  • Capture The Flag events make it easy to deliver hacking competitions and other gamified hacking challenges all year round so people can compete with their colleagues and advance their skills;

  • Talent Search makes it simple to attract, assess and recruit cybersecurity professionals by posting jobs, building your presence in the HTB community, and screening candidates' skills, all in one place.

If you’re a security team lead, CISO, technical recruiter, or anyone with a stake in cybersecurity skills development, we can help make your job much, much easier.

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