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HTB Academy: CPE Credits & Student Subscription 26 Apr 2021

CPE credit submission is now available on HTB Academy.

Apr 26

Back in November 2020, we launched HTB Academy. We wanted to gather everything we have learned over the years, meet our community’s needs and create a “University for Hackers”, where our users can learn cybersecurity theory step by step starting from the fundamentals, and get ready for the hacking playground of Hack The Box.

In just 6 months, HTB Academy crossed 150,000 users! This is a huge milestone and we are extremely proud to see the community growing and glowing. We are now thrilled to announce new features that will make Academy an even more inclusive and impactful platform for all.


CPE credit submission is now available on HTB Academy. Subscribed members can obtain credits by completing Academy modules, from Tier I and above. In order to start tracking your activity and automatically get your credits, you just need to enable this option through your account settings.

CPE credits are allocated with the following scheme:

  • CPE credits for Fundamental Modules

  • CPE credits for Easy Modules

  • 6 CPE credits for Medium Modules

  • 8 CPE credits for Hard Modules

  • 10 CPE credits for Insane Modules

HTB Academy Settings


Student Subscription

Awesome news for students! Users with an academic institution email address will be eligible for a discounted student subscription to HTB Academy. Users enrolled for this subscription will have access to all modules up to Tier II for a total cost of £6/month (+VAT).

How to enroll for a student subscription in few simple steps:

  • You can unlock your subscription in the billing section on HTB Academy.

  • If you are registered on HTB Academy using an academic email that is included in our list of valid academic domains, the student subscription will be already available.

  • If the email domain is not in our current list of valid academic domains, the student subscription will appear as unavailable (greyed out). In this case, contact us via our support channel and raise a ticket under the Academy Account category specifying your academic email address. The HTB team will verify the validity of the domain.

  • After the academic email verification process is complete, you will be able to enroll for a student subscription and enjoy Academy's modules! The process may take up to two business days.

HTB Academy Plans

Note: Access to Academy modules requires an active student subscription. Make sure to renew your plan monthly to not lose access to your learning materials!

With the addition of CPEs and a discounted student subscription, we count on making HTB Academy the most accessible platform to everyone looking for a cutting-edge and highly hands-on cybersecurity learning experience. What better moment to kickstart your journey? And more modules will roll out soon!

Happy Learning! Happy Hacking!

HTB Team

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