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Hack The Box Community Manifesto

Community Manager @r0adrunn3r explains our rules for keeping the HTB Community warm and welcoming for all hackers.

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Aug 16

In May 2021, we started discussing Pride Month. We discussed what we could do to show the work we have put into promoting and ensuring inclusivity. Not only to all genders, but regarding everything in our community. Whatever culture, country, religion, gender, sexual orientation, education level, or income you may have, at HTB everyone is equal and treated the same. And we always respect each other. So we decided to introduce you to our Community Manifesto!


How it all started:

Hack The Box was founded in 2017 by @ch4p. The goal of this wonderful platform was to create a hacking playground accessible to all cybersecurity enthusiasts, from all over the world. As long as you have a passion for learning and an internet connection, you have the means to thrive. Which is all that matters. This platform spread via word of mouth and grew from its humble beginnings to what it is now. 

Originally content was developed solely by the founder, however eventually the entire community started contributing. New features, machine reviews and many ideas started floating around. Players started working together in groups creating powerful teams and building a strong hacking network. Eventually @azik and @g0blin came on board and the founding team started transforming this from a community project into a fast-growing cybersecurity company with one driving factor - to always be there for the community and create this project with them and for them. 


HTB Community


HTB in Numbers: 

People join our hacking society with one ultimate goal; to learn cybersecurity, hack all the things and meet thousands of like-minded users and professionals from all around the world. This initiative resulted in bringing together over 600,000 platform members, from over 189 countries in the world, 85,000 Discord users, 6,922 Meetup participants, 212 Meetup groups, over 310,000 social media followers, 126 sponsored events, and 95 CTFs. In just four years. 

Our Vision:

We want this community to be a happy, non-toxic, open, educational, active, and passionate society for hackers. And we actively fight to achieve this goal. We are an all-inclusive platform that treats everyone equally, and expects all its users to do the same! Hack The Box maintains an equal opportunity mindset, and we want our community to interact with each other with the same respect and mindfulness as we provide to our community. 


Nothing else matters other than your passion for cybersecurity. As long as you respect the Community Manifesto and the terms of service (ToS) of the platform, there’s no better place to be. We have fun, we talk, we learn, we meet, we’ve become like a family to some, and we grow together. We want our community to always know that we have their back and we will aim to reach higher heights, and become better day by day.


Our Manifesto:

We believe that we must:

  • Be respectful, treat everyone else the way you would wish to be treated.

  • Be kind; bad and offensive language is not acceptable.

  • Be positive and non-toxic, foster an environment you want to be part of.

  • Be fair and treat everyone equitably. We’re all in this together, be kind to each other!

  • Abide by our ToS at all times, moderators and ban hammers are lurking!

  • Be here because you want to! You are always free to enter or leave our community. 


How we act:

  • We are always here to listen. Contact us via [email protected], and we always hang out on our Discord.  

  • We evaluate situations objectively. We try to stay neutral and always hear both sides. You will always be heard.

  • We want to resolve all issues. We resolve conflicts to maintain a happy community.

  • We always have your back. If you receive any harmful comments or behavior in our community, please message us.

  • We treat everything shared with confidentiality at all times. Whatever you say to the Hack The Box team, will remain private and never disclosed.

  • We will ban people who violate the Community Manifesto and ToS. Anyone not following those rules, will be removed from the community and platform.  

And that is it. You may go back to hacking and chatting.



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