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HTB: Where teamwork, growth mindset, passion, and innovative thinking converge

An inside look into HTB's culture!

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Feb 16

2023 was a transformative year for us at Hack The Box; from welcoming 106 new talented HTBers to being recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Skills And Training Platforms, Q4 2023. The common thread binding these successes was our unwavering mission: to create and connect cyber-ready humans and organizations through highly engaging hacking experiences that cultivate out-of-the-box thinking. What keeps us stuck to our mission and propels us forward, despite rapid growth, is our culture.


At HTB, we play and win as a team by embracing respect, kindness, and diversity. 

Trayana Mihaylova, Commercial Account Executive at Hack The Box, captures the essence of our team dynamic by mentioning that “It feels like a global symphony orchestra. We are so different, but when you put us all together it’s a masterpiece.” 

Seb Hague, Defensive Content Lead at Hack The Box, emphasizes the empowering environment at HTB, highlighting that “Working at HTB is great as it embraces everyone's individual skills. On the team I am on, defensive content, everyone brings a different skill set to the team and we are given the creative freedom to work.

Embracing a growth mindset

Elena Kryemadi, Legal Operations Specialist at Hack The Box, states, “At HTB, you get to grow along with the company. I mean, HTB promotes growth a lot; it’s not only just words, it’s actions.

And YES! We are committed to being lifelong learners and never stop the growth journey. 

Be passionate

Passion is the driving force behind everything we do. 

Tassos Ballas, Staff Engineer at Hack The Box, reflects on his experience,“What has really stood out to me is the power of people with the same passion and vision can have. Being passionate about something alone is a great feeling, but sharing this with others can bring you to your ultimate why.

Thinking outside the box

Emma Brothers, Outbound Marketing Manager at Hack The Box, compares working at HTB to “the Roman empire because we are taking over the world.” 

Why? At HTB, we revel in challenging the status quo, breaking patterns, and conquering new frontiers.

As we usher in the new year, we remain dedicated to our culture; our weapon that will propel us to new heights in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Sounds fun enough? 

Join us in our next chapter!


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