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Hack The Box reaches 2 million platform members worldwide

Yet another great milestone for the #1 upskilling platform.

Jul 06

Hack The Box (HTB), a leading gamified cybersecurity upskilling, certification, and talent assessment platform, today announced that it has reached two million registered platform users globally across the HTB multiverse. Tripling in size over the last two years and following a successful investment Series B funding round of $55 million, this growth further solidifies Hack The Box’s position in the cybersecurity industry as the all-encompassed platform that enables individuals, businesses, government institutions, and universities to sharpen their offensive and defensive security expertise.

(HTB reached over 700k users in May 2021 and counted 1m in just seven months. From 2021 to 2022, the platform has witnessed a 57.4% YoY increase.)

“With our thriving community being at the heart of everything we do, at Hack The Box, we are tackling the most business-critical issue that puts organizations at risk today – the cybersecurity skills gap. Cybersecurity requires constant evolution as new vulnerabilities and hacking techniques appear every day. Traditional training content is often obsolete and unrealistic, leaving a gap in the industry for robust, flexible, and cloud-based cybersecurity upskilling”, said Haris Pylarinos, Founder and CEO at Hack The Box. 

Today, we celebrate yet another great company milestone which certifies Hack The Box’s crucial role within the industry. We are proud of how quickly our community is growing. This is the best testament to the value we bring to the industry worldwide. We are thrilled to see the platform being the reference point for cybersecurity professionals of all backgrounds, skill levels, and industries, allowing them to keep pace with the rapidly evolving cyber technology and threat landscape”, he continued.

With a superior 360° platform for cyber workforce development, assessment, and recruitment, Hack The Box serves as a single-pane-of-glass solution for offensive and defensive teams while providing cybersecurity job opportunities, addressing the industry’s serious talent shortage. It’s impressive that over 324k users have opted into HTB’s Talent Search platform, interested in their next career opportunity. Chief Information Security Officers and other senior cybersecurity decision-makers increasingly turn to Hack The Box to assess how secure their organizations look from an attacker’s perspective and address the weakest link in cyber - the human element - through a performance-driven and, thus, highly transparent evaluation of in-house and external cyber talent.  

Hack The Box’s cutting-edge content cultivates a mindset rather than commands. This is the hacking mindset where perseverance and outside-the-box thinking are at the core, forming true experts in an organization's offensive and defensive positions. Through this approach which triggers an emotional response that amplifies learning, teams obtain critical thinking and the muscle memory needed when in front of a cyber incident. This mindset, along with the gamified Hack The Box journey, is what cultivates passionate, inquisitive cyber-ready learners ensuring organizations will stay ahead of any threat.

As part of its continued growth and expansion, Hack The Box will keep investing heavily in R&D, executing against a product roadmap that entails top-notch content releases and groundbreaking features, ensuring members have the latest tools, solutions, and technologies available to build new level of cyber readiness across the world. 

Join Hack The Box, be one of us, and stay tuned to what is coming next! 


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