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New Hack The Box CTF Platform

Hack The Box introduces new upgraded Capture The Flag Platform.

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Jan 16

At Hack The Box, we have been delivering and organizing CTF events for our community, partners, and clients since 2017, always ensuring top-notch content to train on and a next-level gamified environment. The competitive vibe every event is giving can push players to go the extra mile, ending up being one of the best upskilling activities for individuals, companies, and other organizations. Some impressive numbers of our CTF platform so far:

  • 187 CTFs Hosted

  • 17,600 Teams Competing

  • 74,600 Flags Submitted

We are now thrilled to announce a new and enhanced CTF platform!

After taking into account the feedback gathered from our community, players, content creators, clients, and other stakeholders, our team has been putting effort into this brand new look and functionalities in order to provide a stellar experience for everyone looking to test their skills in one of our events.

The new HTB CTF platform has been designed for players to enjoy their hacking experience in all aspects possible, starting from an improved sign-up process until a more gamified and enhanced game flow. At the same time, companies and organizations will be able to manage their own CTF dedicated page with logos, information, event details, and much more. Check out the section below to have an overview of the new features.

New Key Features


Public Event Pages

  • Our CTF platform is accessible to non-authenticated users. Everyone can visit the upcoming, ongoing, and past events pages having great visibility of all CTFs we host. Players will be asked to log in or create an account to participate in a CTF.

  • Every event has now a dedicated page and URL. Share your event on social media to tell the community you are participating or to find new players to join the competition.

  • Events can be branded in multiple ways, ranging from the banner on the events listing page to the events overview page, and inside the CTF environment itself.

Improved Sign-Up Flow

  • Players are prompted to choose the team with which they are going to participate in an event by easily selecting the team with a drop-down option. 

  • Explicit sign-up is required for every player to join an event, as opposed to team captains signing up the team without making team members aware of it. 

Improved Game Flow

  • We have moved to a global flag submission logic. Players will be able to submit flags without having to visit the specific challenge page. We know the time during CTFs is gold, we are trying to make you save some! 

  • Improved page responsiveness to enable users to play a CTF on much smaller browser windows. This was highlighted as a use case by our players who split screens with their hacking workstations.

  • The new platform layout will separate solved challenges and unsolved challenges to help players focus on the actual game. 

  • Enjoy an enhanced scoreboard which now also provides insights on flags own per team and per challenge category.

The new CTF platform and structure aim to provide better and more dynamic navigation, easily going through the different events and related details. However, the improvement won’t stop here: the HTB staff is already at work for further improvements to step up the game. 

Take a first look at the new platform and leave no flag behind. Ready, set, PWN!


Are you interested in organizing a private CTF in your company, university, or organization and upskilling through gamified hacking challenges? Talk to our team to get started.

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