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Hack The Box @ RomHack Camp 2022: CTF & Hacking Workshops

Hack The Box as a Platinum Sponsor at RomHack Camp 2022

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Jul 19

One of our favorite community-driven cybersecurity conferences in Europe is ready to come back for the 5th edition! Of course, we are speaking about RomHack 2022, which will continue to bring together infosec enthusiasts and professionals from around the world to share knowledge and attend cutting-edge attack/defense talks.

At Hack The Box, we are extremely excited to join forces as Platinum Sponsor again, with a brand new format to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this unique event. Thanks to the effort of our friends at Cyber Saiyan, RomHack 2022 will turn into a 3-day event where attendees will have the opportunity to share much more than a conference experience, creating the first ever hacker camp in Rome!

Why attend RomHack Camp?

RomHack Camp will provide an unforgettable hacker camp in Rome where people can get together and share their passion. The Camp enriches the RomHack Conference by giving the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas between communities in three days of learning, entertainment, knowledge sharing, and, of course, beer through cutting-edge talks, workshops, and interactive labs.

This is an opportunity to get to know a large and skilled part of the hacking community. For this reason, we are glad to announce that the HTB team will be back onsite for the duration of RomHack. We will be back not only with our traditional Capture The Flag competition but also with a dedicated Hack The Box Village featuring innovative hacking workshops, news about our training services, and tons of swag for everyone passing to have a chat with us.

"We started our collaboration with HTB during the second edition of RomHack in 2019 with an awesome on-site CTF in an astonishing environment. The collaboration fruitfully continued in all RomHack editions up to today, where, thanks to the support of HTB and its fantastic team, we will have RomHack's CTF 2022 edition at the RomHack Camp 2022. We want to sincerely thank HTB and its team for believing in our projects from the start and supporting our community, always demonstrating to be so friendly and open to collaboration and professionals."

- Alberto Caponi (aka yuntao), part of the Cyber Saiyan team

HTB Village & Hacking Workshops

When: 23rd - 25th September 2022

Our HTB dedicated space is ready to welcome all hackers attending RomHack Camp: find us in the “Camp Area” next to other great cybersecurity communities and the workshop areas. You will have the opportunity to pass by the HTB Village for the duration of RomHack Camp and have fun with our onsite activities!

Come to test your skills with our “Hack The Boxes” workshop, a series of boxes physically locked that hackers will need to open by solving some interesting IoT and Hardware challenges (created exclusively by the hardware hacking creator diogt for RomHack). As progress in the game, the difficulty will also increase, making it a fun challenge for every player coming by our booth. Of course, all the skilled individuals managing to open the last box will be rewarded with additional prizes! 

The HTB team is ready to provide each one of you with a great hacking experience in Rome: do not miss the opportunity to have a chat, meet us, get a sneak peek of the upcoming content releases, and get our fantastic swag. We have great news soon to be showcased, and we value any feedback, opinion, and idea coming from the community.

RomHack 2022 CTF

When: 23rd - 24th September 2022

Could we come to RomHack without hosting its annual CTF? Here we go again with one of the best hacking competitions. 

Following the tradition, RomHack 2022 CTF will feature custom medium and hard challenges from multiple categories (Web, Forensics, Pwn, Reversing, Crypto). The competition will be open for both online and onsite attendees, with additional prizes for the TOP 3 players participating onsite. Make sure to join the fun on September 23rd at 8 AM UTC and give your best for all the 24 hours of the CTF!

Join the CTF

Happy Hacking,

The HTB Team


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