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Hack The Box has an exciting new blog

Hack The Box has launched a new blog! Here we explain what our blog is all about and why it should be your number one hacker news source.

Jun 10

Hello hackers! Welcome to Hack The Box's brand new blog. Here we will feature news, information, insights that hackers need to know. If you enjoy Hack The Box’s interactive hacking training, HTB Academy modules, and challenging CTF events, Hack The Box Blog will keep you up-to-date with the exciting stuff we have planned for hackers from every walk of life, all around the world.

My name is Kim Crawley, otherwise known as @crowgirl. Some might already know me as a prolific writer and researcher in the cybersecurity community. I worked for AT&T, BlackBerry, and Venafi for years, and last year I wrote “The Pentester Blueprint” with Phillip Wylie. When I got the opportunity to join the Hack The Box team, I was thrilled. No company offers more effective, more innovative cybersecurity training than Hack The Box. Our platform has recently surpassed 600,000 users, and more and more hackers sign up for our services every single day. They sure do know a good thing when they see it!

Now my role is to manage Hack The Box Blog and I’m very excited about it! I will be writing some content, and we will also feature the writing talent of other Hack The Box team members.

We have lots of exciting new training projects, features, and events that we’re working on, and you’ll be the first to learn about them through Hack The Box Blog. We will also share general cybersecurity news, and offer hackers useful tips and tricks that you can use in your hacking and cybersecurity careers. And if you want the best hacker training for your employees, we’ll also share news and information to help make your business more cyber secure.

I work with an excellent team, Hack The Box Blog is a labor of love and a group effort. Hack The Box Blog benefits from the talents and hard work of our diverse team, and all HTB team members will likely leave their mark on Hack The Box Blog in some form or another. I’m guided by Daphne Deiktaki, our forward-thinking Head of Marketing. She works hard behind the scenes to make sure Hack The Box Blog is one of the best hacker news sources online. Alex Reid, Justin Gerhardt, Filipe Barros, Alexandros Skarmintzos, and Tiago Peter do the technical work of making sure Hack The Blog is a great online software product. Daria Skidanenko creates beautiful graphics to make everything look nice. Soti Giannitsari, aka @r0adrunn3r, is our Senior Community Manager and she’s helping to make our blog a success. And of course, this project wouldn’t be possible without our CTO James Hooker, and Haris Pylarinos and Aris Zikopoulos, our company founders.

We hope to make Hack The Box Blog your source for news about HTB’s products and services. And we also hope to make Hack The Box Blog a great online magazine for hackers that you’ll love so much, you’ll bookmark it.

Thank you, hackers of the world, for visiting our site.


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