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7 reasons why your team should join HTB Business CTF 2022

Business CTF is a global competitive hacking event for corporate cybersecurity teams. Here are 7 powerful reasons why your team should join!

Jul 08

July 15 is just around the corner and Business CTF 2022, the biggest (and only) CTF competition for corporate teams, is getting closer and closer. 

But why should your team participate in a corporate CTF competition featuring all the latest technologies and vulnerabilities that every business should be familiar with?

Sounds like a pretty rhetorical question now, huh? But first things first.

What is Business CTF by Hack The Box?

In a nutshell, Business CTF is a global competitive hacking event for corporate cybersecurity teams. Companies of all sizes come together and battle their way to the top of the leaderboard by solving complex hacking challenges inspired by real-world vulnerabilities. 

Financial cybersecurity (or "Dirty Money" as we're calling it) is this year's Business CTF theme. Your team will play as the multinational law enforcement operation, ENIGMA, and test its skills by pursuing malicious actors engaging in crypto laundering, wire fraud, phishing campaigns, malware, ransomware strains, and more.

HTB's Business CTFs have attracted companies like ING Bank, Toyota, Ernst & Young, Allianz, Thales, and much more, which can only mean one thing. That what we started last year when we wanted to give back to the business community, has become an annual event businesses look forward to. If you want to see how HTB Business CTF 2021 went, click here.

Tomasz Bukowski, Senior Red Team Operations Expert @ Standard Chartered who participated in Business CTF 2021 says:  

“This was a very well-organized CTF. Would definitely recommend it to peers and other companies, and we will be looking to join next year as well. The biggest highlight of our experience during the hacking competition was the ability to learn new tech by exploitation.”


Still not convinced that your team should join? Here are 7 powerful reasons why you should reconsider:

1. First of all, you and your team can try Hack The Box for free

Businesses can join HTB Business CTF completely for free. This is a great opportunity to take Hack The Box for a test drive, see how it works for you, and assess it on a team level. We're all about community, and all about community we're going to stay.

So, all you have to do is sign your team up for free, come together, and start hacking like pros – a piece of cake.

2. Access premium hacking content

We're known for our content, and if you've ever participated in any CTF Hack The Box has hosted, you already knew that. Our content team consists of the best hackers out there whose goal is to develop the best hacking content just for you. 

Here's how Herald Andreasen, Founder of Xormatic (whose team won last year's Business CTF) describes his experience:

“HTB Business CTF 2021 was great. We all had a ton of fun and learned a lot. I most definitely would recommend the event to fellow cyber teams. HTB has the best selection of machines out of any CTF, hands down. The staff and support team has been superb as well, answering any questions we had within a few minutes! HTB offers a premium CTF experience that you cannot find anywhere else. Getting the team together and working on the challenges together was without a doubt the highlight from my perspective. Will join again next year.”

And this year, you get access to about 30 challenges to take on. And they're all *chef's kiss*


3. Play against the biggest cybersecurity teams in the world

We can't name names yet, but as Business CTF has gained more recognition and support from the community, the number of participating Fortune 100 (or should we say Fortune 40?) companies has increased significantly.

This means you get the chance to compete with the big players in the industry and have a solid reason for you and your team to pat yourselves on the back. Don't be fooled by the glory, though. We're pretty sure you'll keep an eye out for some big logos, but the underdogs are the ones you should be keeping an eye on.

4. It's 100% realistic

The cybersecurity world is in crisis, and it feels like more and more teams are less attack-ready when it comes to protecting their infrastructure, data, records, etc. But how do you fix that?

At HTB, we've invested ourselves in developing realistic training scenarios that all teams should be familiar with. Whether red, blue, or purple team, getting access to real-world vulnerabilities helps organizations prepare for the avoidable and sleep better at night. 

Business CTF is all about realistic training, and the challenges you and your team will have to face, are preparing you for a potential incident. 

Here's what Lukasz Lamparski, Security Manager and Senior Incident Responder at ING Bank, said about Business CTF 2021:

“I really liked the HTB Business CTF 2021. Overall the challenges were pretty realistic, which is a big plus for me. Would definitely recommend joining the CTF, as it lets you test your skills in realistic scenarios, and challenge yourself against the best specialists in the field. The best moment was solving the Ghost challenge which was quite challenging. We will join again next year.”

5. Win awesome prizes

Team spirit; being part of a global CTF; competing against the best… Sure, all these are to die for. But there's more. 

Because Business CTF 2022 winners get access to a $50,000 prize pool!

The team that finishes first will receive an iconic secret trophy, access to our cloud training labs, BlackSky, and a $100 HTB swag card for each player. Players from the second-best team will receive a CBBH certificate and a $50 HTB swag card. And the team that lands in third place will get access to HTB's Dedicated Labs and a $25 HTB swag card for each player.

We also give away 6 CPEs to participants who've provided their (ISC)² IDs during sign-up, and whose teams have collected at least 15,000 points. And players who have collected at least 1000 points, will get a custom Hack The Box Business CTF 2022 certificate of attendance.

6. Improve employee engagement and team bonding

What's better than getting together with your team and trying to solve puzzles that will only sharpen your skills and allow you to show them to the world. 

In a time when keeping up with the latest trends can be a real challenge, teamwork can really make the dream work. Gather your team – either physically or virtually – divide, conquer, and spend quality time while working on the one thing you love the most: hacking.

7. You will get to know the HTB team

We're dying to meet you, and we hope you feel the same way. This is why every time we host a CTF competition, we make sure to kick it off with a live event 24 hours before it starts.

This time, on July 14, the day before the CTF, we'll talk about challenges and solutions in the cybersecurity industry, and of course, we'll get to hack together. Tune in and watch talented HTB hackers plus some extraordinary special guests.

Take a look at the full schedule:

  • 13:00 UTC: Welcome to Dirty Money | CTF content, rules, and prizes 

  • 13:30 UTC: How to find and assess new cybersecurity talent

  • 14:00 UTC: Meet the Enterprise Platform & Live hacking demo of unreachable networks

  • 14:30 UTC: Premium HTB content: Live hacking demo of Business CTF 2021 challenges

  • 15:00 UTC: Academy: Skill-up & Live hacking workshop

  • 15:30 UTC: Making an impact: HTB success stories & case studies

  • 16:00 UTC: All about cloud hacking: Live hacking workshop

Want to make sure you don't forget the live event? > Click to add it to your calendar <

So, are you game?

The registrations are open and Business CTF 2022: Dirty Money starts on July 15. The process is very simple:

  1. Click here to register for a new HTB CTF account (if you already have a business account with us, you can sign in here)

  2. A pop-up will appear to add your company details:

    - Add your business email address

    - Select your company

  3. If your company appears on the dropdown menu, please select it.

  4. If your company does not exist in our database, please submit your info and our team will approve it soon -- don't worry, you're going to receive a confirmation email.

  5. Edit your team name if you don’t want to show your company name on the scoreboard.

  6. And voila! You are now registered to the CTF!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and our community team will get back to you ASAP!
See you on the scoreboard! 


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