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Event Type

Capture The Flag

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5 Days - Saturday to Wednesday

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Entry Fee


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Prize Pool


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Team Size

1 - 30 Players

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Very Easy to Advanced

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CTF Style

Jeopardy, Cloud, FullPwn

about the event

The Vault of Hope Awaits. Will you answer the call?

In the aftermath of a devastating nuclear fallout, society's remnants struggle amid desolation. Guided by a visionary leader, a determined group sets forth on a perilous quest to secure humanity's future. Their target: a hidden underground vault, rumored to cradle the gold reserves of a long-forgotten nation. With promises of a new currency and societal rebirth, the team journeys through peril, each step fraught with danger.

As daylight flickers in the wasteland, our survivors embark on gathering crucial intelligence. Through scavengers and informants, they infiltrate abandoned nuclear facilities, unveiling blueprints and schematics that decrypt the vault's mysteries.

Armed with this knowledge, the team maneuvers through the intricate dance of defying the vault's formidable defenses. Skilled hackers exploit vulnerabilities, disabling sensors and outsmarting turrets. Resourceful engineers craft makeshift devices, disrupting surveillance and silencing communication frequencies, ensuring stealth amidst chaos.

Unlock the secrets within, heralding a new era. The Vault awaits, and your journey into the unknown begins.


TL;DR: For the glory, the training, the prizes, and the certification

Top-notch hacking content

Access exclusive content featuring only the latest attacks and real-world hacking techniques.

Gamified upskilling

Forget static experiences. Be part of an interactive storyline and learn while hacking.

Free training

Bring your team together to train and hack at the same time. Simple as that!

Certify your attendance

Reserve your spot, climb the charts, brag to your friends, and get CPEs and certificates.*

Your prizes await

Get the chance to win the Secret HTB Trophy, swag, advanced services, our hearts, and much more.

Hack The Box Prizes

*We give away 6 CPEs to participants who've provided their (ISC)² IDs, and whose teams have collected at least 15,000 points

hacking content

More than 40 challenges to take on.


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


3 Challenges


5 Challenges


5 Challenges


3 Challenges


3 Challenges


5 Challenges


Mark your calendar

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Registration opens

March 19, 2024

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Pre-event live hacking workshops

May 17, 2024

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CTF starts

May 18, 2024

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CTF ends

May 22, 2024

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CTF after party

May 23, 2024


Live hacking workshops, and much more

Meet the HTB team one day before the CTF in an exclusive live stream! Tune in and watch talented HTB hackers plus some extraordinary special guests. Catch the live stream on our YouTube channel.

Demystifying the Cyber Performance Center : Transitioning your training efforts to a performance and outcome focussed motion
Hack The Box Presenter

Tom Barter (@Tom), Head of Enterprise Marketing Growth @ Hack The Box

Hack The Box Presenter

Giacomo Bertollo (@jackb), Head of Product Marketing

How cyber attacks can ruin your business
Hack The Box Presenter

Zeyad AlMadani (@21y4d), Training Development Director @ Hack The Box

Carson - A walkthrough, talkthrough of a “Hardening” Sherlock
Hack The Box Presenter

Sabastian Hague (@sebh24), Training Development Director @ Hack The Box

Hacking with Bugcrowd
Hack The Box Presenter

Brandon Reynolds, Independent Security Researcher

Don’t forget your keys! A cloud workshop
Hack The Box Presenter

Panos Petsanas (@panawesome), Community CTF Project Manager @ Hack The Box

Solving the “Watersnake” challenge from last year's Business CTF
Hack The Box Presenter

ippsec, Training Lab Architect @ Hack The Box

The road from technical pro to CISO: real life stories to help you take your career to the next step
Hack The Box Presenter

Timothy Martens, Chief Information Security Officer @ Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (Flemish, Belgium Government)

Hack The Box Presenter

Kenton McDaniel, Chief Information Security Officer @ Henry Schein One

Hack The Box Presenter

Christophe Foulon, Fractional Chief Information Security Officer @ Nexigen


HTB Business CTF 2024: A team effort

Jump on board, stay in touch with the largest cybersecurity community, and let’s make HTB Business CTF 2024 the best hacking event ever. If you would like your brand to sponsor this event, reach out to us here and our team will get back to you.


Outsmart your competitors, bring home your prizes

Hack like pros, climb the leaderboard, and win our hearts plus much more.

Hack The Box

1st place


  • Secret HTB trophy

  • Access to BlackSky (6 months)

  • $100 HTB swag card (for each player)

Hack The Box

2nd place


  • CPTS certification (for each player)

  • $50 HTB swag card (for each player)

Hack The Box

3rd place


  • Access to Dedicated Labs (6 months)

  • $25 HTB swag card (for each player)



Join our Discord, type in #bot-commands /join biz-ctf and go to #business-ctf-24. Seek support and meet the rest of the teams.

CTF Time

Don’t miss a single point! Add your participation on CTFtime, and we'll make sure your ranking will be updated after the CTF ends.

Official Hashtag

Share training tips, spread the word, post comments, and make sure your use the official hashtag: #BusinessCTF24


The dos and the don'ts

  1. Only one team from each company can join the CTF.
  2. Only business emails are allowed to sign up.
  3. Players are prohibited from attacking the CTF's backend infrastructure.
  4. Players are prohibited from attacking other teams.
  5. Do not brute-force the flag submission form.
  6. Avoid exchanging flags or write-ups/hints with other teams.
  7. Respect HTB's Terms of Service.
  8. Do not attempt to DDoS challenges or make actions that could lead to this result.
  9. Players must be part of only one Business CTF team.

Got questions? Read our FAQ.


Don't just take our word for it

Here's what teams who have experienced HTB Business CTF first hand say about it:

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Ignacio Arsuaga

Global Cybersecurity Enterprise Architect @ Siemens

"Amazing experience working with HTB. Not only is it a very complete and fun hacking learning platform, but also the team is full of talent and creativity and will support your CTF setups in a very professional way. I’m looking forward to continuing this great collaboration."

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Pablo Ruiz Encinas

Security Consultant @ Mnemonic

"We used the HTB Business CTF to get our interns into the hacking world at the same time as the new hires and the more experienced members sharpened their skills. It was fun as well as rewarding to spend that weekend working together and sharing knowledge. I will definitely join for similar events in the future."

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Lukasz Lamparski

Security Manager | Senior Incident Responder @ ING INGBank

"Overall the challenges were pretty realistic, which is a big plus for me. Would definitely recommend joining the CTF, as it lets you test your skills in realistic scenarios, and challenge yourself against the best specialists in the field. We will join again next year."

No need for FOMO. Read last year's Business CTF recap here.


Get a new look

Get our official Business CTF 2024 wallpapers and screensavers. Let HTB greet you every time you open your PC or phone.


Grab your Business CTF 2024 swag

Step up your game with our selection of Business CTF 2024 swag, because winning starts with looking the part.