Companies Around The World, Assemble!

The first Hack The Box Business CTF competition is coming: latest vulnerabilities, state-of-the-art attack techniques, challenges for every skill level based on real-world attack scenarios! Ready, Set, PWN!

54 Hours Of Hacking Training

Friday, July 23rd, 12:00 UTC - Sunday, July 25th, 18:00 UTC

Team CTF

1-10 Players

3 Days

Friday to Sunday


to Hard

New Content


CTF Style

Jeopardy &
Full Pwn

Why Join?

Prove your cybersecurity team can capture all the flags.

Hack The Best Content

Top-quality challenges and machines. Active Directory and Cloud Hacking. Roll up your sleeves.

Learn & Train

Test your skills and learn the latest hacking techniques while competing in a fun and challenging CTF!

Prove Your Skills

An intense, real-time hacking competition for companies. Who will get the most flags? Bring it on!

Earn (ISC)² CPEs

Team members earn 6 (ISC)² CPE credits by owning any 14 challenges and above.

Get Certified

Here come the POCs! Score at least 200 points and receive a “Certificate of Attendance”.

Win The Best Prizes

An amazing prize list provided by Hack The Box and our sponsors. Can your team conquer the top?


A CTF Event For Companies Only

This Capture The Flag competition is open to all companies worldwide. Any corporate IT or cybersecurity team can join. As long as you are in for a real-time hacking competition, you already got what it takes! Create a team (1-10 players), join with the same email domain, and let the root shells pop.

It’s the perfect opportunity to allocate time to meaningful training that combines competitiveness, gamification, and team-building. Compete with other cybersecurity teams, show off your skills, and get to the top. Train while having fun!

See What Others Companies Are Saying

Training cybersecurity teams worldwide is our passion. This is what organizers had to say about hosting a Business CTF with Hack The Box.

marcin intel

Marcin Kolasinki

Software Engineering Manager

Thanks to Hack The Box for helping us host a CTF during our internal security conference. We received great support before and during the event. I recommend Hack The Box to anyone looking to enrich a security conference with a gamified hacking tournament.

intel logo
jordan with you with me

Jordan Minhinnick

Head of Marketing

Thanks to Hack The Box for hosting our Capture The Flag competitions. They’ve been great at getting us up and running and making sure the events are tailored to meet our users’ expectations. The day of the competitions flows smoothly and the flags are unique. We’d recommend HTB to anyone looking to run their own Capture The Flag competition!

with you with me logo
farzan easports

Farzan Karimi

Principal Security Manager

At EA Sports, we hosted in February 2020 a global internal CTF powered by Hack The Box. The challenges provided were challenging, immersive, and most importantly fun.

easports logo
Business CTF Timeline
22 July 2021

Pre-Event Talks Agenda

Watch live on our Youtube channel.
All talks are at UTC time. Make sure to set up a reminder for the event.



Welcome to the CTF | CTF Content, Rules, Prize

Sotiria Giannitsari (@r0adrunn3r)

Senior Community Manager @ Hack The Box



HTB Academy for Business | New Generation Cybersecurity Training Building Blocks

Dimitrios Bougioukas

Training Director @ Hack The Box



Preparing for a Penetration Test with HTB Academy

Ben Rollin (@mrb3n)

Head of Training Development @ Hack The Box



Recruit Top Cybersecurity Talent with HTB | Case Studies

Nikos Fountas

Director of Operations @ Hack The Box



Corporate CTF Training & Team-Building 101

Sotiria Giannitsari (@r0adrunn3r)

Senior Community Manager @ Hack The Box



Customer Panel | Using HTB to keep teams engaged and attack-ready during the pandemic

Thomas Williams

Strategic Customer Success Manager @ Hack The Box

Panel with:

Michael Skowrunski

Director, Microsoft Federal

Joel Cedersjö

Senior Threat Intelligence Manager, NTT Ltd

Daniel Astor

Principal Scientist, Security Risk Advisors



Crafting Attack-Ready Cyber Teams: Attack Simulation & Assessment Labs

Katerina Tasiopoulou

Business Development Manager @ Hack The Box



Intro to Cloud Security & Professional Labs Teaser

Ian Austin

Head of Content Innovation @ Hack The Box

26 July 2021

Winner Ceremony

Watch live on our Twitch channel at 12:00 UTC.

Meet the Winners

Winners Announcement & Interview

Meet the Sponsor

“Thank You” Note & Chat
about the CTF

Party Time

Trophy Reveal, Prizes, Music


Top-Notch Hacking Content

Get a sneak-peak of the hacking content you will face. All real-world scenarios powered
by Hack The Box! For attack-ready cyber teams. Are you ready for this?

Hack The Box Hacking Content Web: 4 Challenges

Hack The Box Hacking Content Crypto: 4 Challenges

Hack The Box Hacking Content Reversing: 4 Challenges

Hack The Box Hacking Content Cloud: 4 Challenges

Hack The Box Hacking Content Forensics: 4 Challenges

Hack The Box Hacking Content Pwn: 4 Challenges

Hack The Box Hacking Content Misc: 3 Challenges

Windows: 2 Machines

Linux: 2 Machines

AD: 2 Machines

It’s All About Prizes

The coolest prizes await the TOP 5 ruling the scoreboard!

1st Place
  • Academy For Business
    - 6 Months
  • Secret HTB Trophy
  • $100 Synack Swag Box
    (for each player)
  • £100 HTB Swag Card
    (for each player)
  • $50 HackerOne Swag
    Box (for each player)
  • $150 Hak5 Gift Card
2nd Place
  • Advanced Dedicated
    Labs - 6 Months
  • £50 HTB Swag Card
    (for each player)
  • $100 Hak5 Gift Card
3rd Place
  • Academy For Business
    - 3 Months
  • £25 HTB Swag Card
    (for each player)
  • $50 Hak5 Gift Card
4th - 5th Place
  • Pro Lab (of choice) - 1
    Month (for each player)
  • £25 HTB Swag Card
    (for each player)
Academy For Business
Advanced Dedicated
HTB Swag
Pro Labs

From 1st-5th Place - 1 Lucky Draw

HBG Private Tournament

Our Sponsors

Meet who is supporting the HTB Business CTF 2021.

Diamond sponsor

Hack The Box and Synack




Hack The Box and HackerOne


Hack The Box and Hak5

For sponsorship inquiries, find out more details here.


Ready to Join?

You are just one step away.

Captain Registration

The submissions for HTB Business CTF 2021 are now over. More than 500 corporate teams from all around the world have made it to the CTF! Wanna be the first to know about the event next year? Leave us your details here and we will make sure you know first.

Join our Discord Server and
meet your opponents at:


Go to CTFtime, select
“We will participate!”, add your
team, vote, and check out the CTF’s rating weight.

Official Hashtag

Let’s spread the word! Make sure to use the official event hashtag:

Rules Of The Game
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flag icon
team icon
eye icon
hacker icon
Each company can participate with one team per country or in total. Check out the FAQ below for more information.
All teams must consist of a maximum of 10 members. Teams with more members will be disqualified.
It is strictly forbidden to perform any kind of Denial of Service or any other unwanted actions against the servers or associated infrastructure.
Do not try to brute force the flag submission system.
Do not perform any unwanted actions against other teams/members.
Do not try to exchange flags/write-ups/hints of the challenges during the competition with other teams participating or other external entities.
Do not distribute the content of the CTF (the challenges) to third party entities for help.
Behavior in Discord and towards other players or the Hack The Box team must comply with our ToS, HTB Discord ToS and Discord ToS. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate penalty.
Please familiarise yourself with the ToS place regarding our content and intellectual property.
Any violation of these terms will automatically disqualify the player from the competition.
Rules are rules, but rule No. 1 is to have fun! Let the scoreboard go on FIRE!
HTB Business CTF FAQ
Each company can participate with one team per country, or one team in total. For example: Hack The Box or Hack The Box UK, Hack The Box USA, etc. If teams do not follow this restriction, they will be disqualified from the competition.
The team captain submits to HTB the Team Name and their contact details in the form above. The Team created in ctf.hackthebox.com should include only business emails and belong to the same domain. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
As part of our effort to keep the competition fair for everyone (both smaller and larger business workforces), the teams can be 10 members maximum, 1 member minimum. CTF teams with more players will be disqualified from the competition and prizes.
All prizes will be shipped to the company address provided by the CTF captain of the winning team.
CPEs will be allocated in the next 30 days after the end of the Capture The Flag competition. After the end of the CTF, Hack The Box will contact all team captains that are eligible for CPE credits, asking for every team member: First Name, Last Name, and (ISC)² CPE ID.
Certificates will be automatically created after the end of the completion through the Hack The Box CTF Platform.
All support will be handled over our Discord Server. Join here and check out the relevant discussion channels! Hack The Box CTF Platform.