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Event Type

Capture The Flag

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3 Days

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Entry Fee


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Prize Pool


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Team Size

1-20 Students

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Easy to Hard

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CTF Style

Jeopardy & Full Pwn

about the event

Hacking & Magic: not that far away...

It was a rainy day. The last leaves of autumn had already fallen and it was a sign that winter is coming...

All the students of the Wizards Hacking School gathered by the fireplace in the main hall and were discussing the upcoming and most important tournament of the year named: Supernatural Hacks. The tournament was held every three years and consisted of six legendary challenges, each of a different subject, and the winning team would get to be the school’s representative until the next one.

The last six tournaments were won by team DarkPointyHats, a group of bullies that do not hesitate to cheat to get the points. Are you worthy of the Wizard Hacking School?

Hack The Box Prizes

After all this time? Always.

🪄 Mix hacking and magic

Don’t miss the chance to hack great themed challenges developed by the HTB team, exclusively for this event. Use your wand, cast the best hacking spell!

🎁 Win amazing prizes

Is this wizardry? This year prizes included HTB training services for teams, tons of swag, and even vouchers for the newly launched certification.

🏆 Defeat You-Know-Who

Climb the scoreboard and kick DarkPointyHats out of the way. Achieve eternal glory for your university and enter the HTB CTF Hall of Fame.

🏫 University students only

The must-attend event for university and college students all around the world. Meet, learn, and compete with other students looking for a cybersecurity career.


Get more than 200 points, and claim a certificate of attendance! A special certificate will be released for the TOP 3 players. Frame this achievement forever in history.

Hack The Box Prizes
hacking content

More than 20 challenges to solve.

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Machines & AD Labs

Don’t miss any deadline!

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Registration Opens

November 2nd, 2022

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Registration Closes

November 30th, 2022

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Hacking Workshops & Talks

December 1st, 2022

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CTF Starts

December 2nd, 2022

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CTF Ends

December 4th, 2022


Hacking Workshops & More

Tune in and watch talented hackers from the HTB staff plus some extraordinary special guests solving challenges live while sharing tips and tricks for the upcoming CTF. Catch the live stream on our YouTube channel.


University CTF 2022: Supernatural Hacks Breakdown
Hack The Box Presenter

Sotiria Giannitsari (@r0adrunn3r) Senior Community Manager @ Hack The Box

2.30 PM UTC

Live Web Hacking: University CTF 2021 Web Challenges Explained
Hack The Box Presenter

PinkDraconian, Hacker Manager @ Intigriti


University CTF 2021: Blue Content Explained
Hack The Box Presenter

Sebastian Hague (aka sebh24), Defensive Content Lead @ Hack The Box

3.30 PM UTC

How to land your first Cybersecurity Job after graduation
Hack The Box Presenter

Sam Nye, Senior Account Executive @ Hack The Box

    • Donato Capitella - Principal Security Consultant @ WithSecure
    • William Jardine - Managing Consultant @ WithSecure
    • Sam Decker - Recent Graduate @ Raymond James Financial Services
    • Nevan Beal - Recent Graduate @ Raymond James Financial Services
    • Dan Hathaway - Director @ Secure Source


Head in the Clouds (Cloud Hacking)
Hack The Box Presenter

Panos Petsanas (aka panawesome), Community CTF Project Manager @ Hack The Box

4.30 PM UTC

A Dedicated Hacking Environment for your University
Hack The Box Presenter

Marshall Livingston, Head of Sales Engineering @ Hack The Box


First Steps Into Binary Exploitation
Hack The Box Presenter

Zeyad AlMadani (aka 21y4d), Senior Training Developer @ Hack The Box

5.30 PM UTC

Q&A Session: How To Be Recruited in Cybersecurity?
Hack The Box Presenter

Lorenzo Bernardi, Offensive Security Lead EMEIA @ EY

5.45 PM UTC

Advices I Wish I Had When Starting My Career
Hack The Box Presenter

IppSec, Training Lab Architect @ Hack The Box


Who is supporting University CTF 2022

Do you want to get in touch with the largest cybersecurity student community around? Jump on the flying broomstick and let’s make this event literally magic. Check out the details or get in touch directly with [email protected].

prize pool

Fantastic prizes and where to find them.

Hack The Box Prizes
Hack The Box

First Place


  • Exclusive HTB Supernatural Hacks Trophy

  • $3,000 Cash

  • Dedicated Labs Training

  • Annual VIP+ Subscription (for each player)

  • $100 Swag Card (for each player)

  • HTB Academy Silver Annual Subscription* (for each player)

Hack The Box

Second Place


  • $1,000 Cash

  • Annual VIP+ Subscription (for each player)

  • 3-Months Pro Labs of choice (for each player)

  • $100 Swag Card (for each player)

  • HTB Academy Silver Annual Subscription* (for each player)

Hack The Box

Third Place


  • Annual VIP Subscription (for each player)

  • $50 Swag Card (for each player)

  • HTB Academy Silver Annual Subscription* (for each player)

Hack The Box

Fourth Place


  • 6-Months VIP Subscription (for each player)

  • $50 Swag Card (for each player)

Hack The Box

Fifth Place


  • 6-Months VIP Subscription (for each player)

  • $50 Swag Card (for each player)


*includes one (1) exam voucher for HTB CPTS


Let’s stop cyberbullying together!

Aligned to our purpose of making a safer cyber world for everyone, we have allocated a donation of $3,000 to The Cybersmile Foundation, one of the leading anti-cyberbullying nonprofit organizations since 2010.

The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi-award-winning nonprofit organization committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of bullying and abuse online, working to promote kindness, diversity and inclusion by building a safer, more positive digital community. By participating to the HTB University CTF, you will have the chance to hack for good and help us in our mission!

Hack The Box Prizes

Get your team ready. Register now!

We've made some changes since last year, so please be sure to read this help article carefully in order to ensure your smooth registration to the HTB University CTF 2022.


Join our Discord server and check out #uni-ctf-2022 to meet your opponents, share hacking tips and connect.

CTF Time

Add your participation on CTFtime. Your ranking will be uploaded after the CTF ends. Don’t miss a single point!

Official Hashtag

Make us part of your journey and share training tips, comments, and any story using: #HTBUniversityCTF22


Don’t use the Dark Arts.

  1. Only students currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or master's program can participate in this event.
  2. Do not attack the backend infrastructure of the CTF.
  3. Do not attack other teams playing in the CTF.
  4. Do not brute-force the flag submission form.
  5. Do not exchange flags or write-ups/hints of the challenges with other teams.
  6. Do not violate HTB's Terms of Service.
  7. Do not try to DDoS the challenges or make actions that could lead to this result. For example, brute force or use of automated tools with many threads.
  8. Do not be part of more than one team within the same CTF.
  9. Each University can participate/be represented by one team only.

Leave your human life. Be the next champion!

Get your team together, pwn all the challenges, and make it to the top of the scoreboard. Your skills can let your join the University CTF Hall Of Fame and be forever remembered as the Supernatural Hacks Cup winner. Will you make it?

Hack The Box Prizes

Get A New Look.

Get our official University CTF 2022 wallpapers and screensavers. Let HTB greet you every time you open your PC or phone.