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Create awesome HTB Academy certification reports using SysReptor

Spend less time drafting your certification report by using these intuitive templates powered by Syslifters.

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Nov 24

HTB Academy certification exams require a commercial-grade report to be uploaded as part of the evaluation. Candidates are tasked to professionally document findings, vulnerabilities, and security incidents identified.

Proper documentation is paramount during any security engagement. The end goal of a technical assessment or security incident analysis is the report deliverable which will often be presented to a broad audience within the target organization. All HTB Academy job-role paths leading to industry certifications include a dedicated module focused on documentation and reporting as guidance for our students.

As you can imagine, properly constructing and formatting a detailed report can be a complex and time-consuming process. For this reason, we teamed up with the team at Syslifters to make the report creation process easier and more friendly, even for first-timers.

Hack The Box reporting made easy with SysReptor

SysReptor is a fully customizable security reporting solution designed to get your documentation started within minutes: create designs based on simple HTML and CSS, write your reports in user-friendly Markdown, and convert them to PDF with just a single click in the cloud or self-hosted.

You can now write your HTB Academy certification report online or offline, using templates created with SysReptor in a few simple steps. 

  1. Install SysReptor.

  2. Import all HTB designs:

cd sysreptor/deploy
curl -s "$url" | docker compose exec --no-TTY app python3 importdemodata --type=design

Adopting SysReptor not only helps with time management but also makes the entire process more intuitive. There can be several documentation aspects hard to absorb for beginners or technical details that might slip. These new Hack The Box templates can be your best reporting companion for multiple reasons:

  • They are entirely free to use for HTB CPTS, HTB CBBH, and HTB CDSA exams.

  • Easily write in Markdown, making your documents better by using extended syntax to create tables, fenced code blocks, automatic links, and more.

  • Render perfectly to PDF format in a single click.

  • Don’t waste time in local software troubleshooting.

  • Take a further look at the full documentation for additional information.