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Faraday Fortress

We are excited to introduce a brand new Fortress, created by Faraday.

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Oct 18

We are excited to introduce a brand new Fortress, created by Faraday. Confront it to become a better hacker, conquer it to stand out!

This Fortress was created as a learning experience as well as a puzzle: a server's alarm system has been compromised! Your mission is to utilize your abilities to figure out precisely what happened and then use that information to hack the system yourself. The premise behind the Fortress is that security isn't only about knowing. It's about being able to learn what you need to know when you need to know it. Being a hacker entails not only a set of abilities but also a mindset of constant learning and problem-solving.

To conquer the Fortress, participants will need to exercise the following abilities:

  • Web Exploitation

  • Lateral Thinking

  • Networking

The Faraday Fortress will be available to HTB players from Hacker rank and above. 

Hack The Box has been a gateway for learning in new, unconventional ways, in line with the principles of the hacker community. Our fortress was designed to do exactly that: practice learning from another hacker’s activity in a challenging environment”. Says Javier Aguinaga, Security Research Lead at Faraday. “Faraday conceives cyber security as an integrated ecosystem, and its main goal is to improve the security environment for all the community. Collaborating with the formation of new hackers is part of our mission, and Hack The Box is the perfect ally”.

Conquering this Fortress will be a great opportunity to train skills applicable to real-life scenarios, but also develop your hacking mindset. 

7 flags & 110 points! Will you get them all?

Conquer Faraday Fortress

Fortress creators:

  • Javier Aguinaga - Security Research Lead @ Faraday

  • Octavio Gianatiempo - Senior Security Researcher @ Faraday

Enjoy the hacking!

HTB Team

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