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Hack The Box Joins Cyber Runway’s Scale

Hack The Box has been selected, along with other growing startups, to join the largest and most diverse community of cyber founders and entrepreneurs.

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Nov 23

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We are more than thrilled to join the Cyber Runway accelerator, powered by Plexal!

Hack The Box has been selected, along with other growing startups, to join the largest and most diverse community of cyber founders and entrepreneurs. The startups will join one of the three different streams within the programme backed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport: Launch, Grow, and Scale.

Hack The Box will be joining Cyber Runway’s Scale stream, dedicated to the UK’s fast-growth cyber startups and scaleups, with the goal of increasing our presence worldwide and continuing to build new, innovative products and services, connect with a targeted community who can help us explore and understand various products and concepts. We also believe that expanding partnerships between relevant communities will increase exponentially the access to cybersecurity training, creating a better and safer cyber world. 

“Hack The Box was incorporated in 2017 in the UK with the vision to make cybersecurity accessible to all by transforming cybersecurity training into a fun, gamified and intuitive activity.  For that, in 2019 we have been awarded the most innovative cybersecurity startup in the UK and we entered the LORCA 3rd cohort. Today, We can legitimately claim that we are living up to our vision, having more than 800k registered members from every corner of this world. Throughout this journey, Plexal has always been a great partner and enabler to this success. We are therefore honoured and excited to be part of Cyber Runway’s Scale programme, which will support us in the scale-up journey that we just began! We are very much looking forward to it.”
- Haris Pylarinos aka ch4p, Founder & CEO @ Hack The Box

The purpose of Cyber Runway totally matches what our community has been trying to achieve since its foundation: address some of the biggest challenges facing cybersecurity, such as diversity and inclusion and regional representation, and support the most promising innovators at various stages of growth.

Along with all the other startups and scaleups that just have joined the Cyber Runway, we share the intention to educate on relevant cybersecurity trends as ransomware, cyber fraud, AI, and cloud security. The recent release of "BlackSky", the first HTB cloud hacking lab, is a clear statement of this common direction.

About The Programme

Backed by the DCMS, and delivered by Plexal in partnership with CyLon, Deloitte, and CSIT (the Centre for Secure Information Technologies), Cyber Runway will be an intensive six-month programme. 

Launch: 20 entrepreneurs will get support with launching their business, building a minimum viable product and creating a network. 

Grow: 68 startups and SMEs will get business support to help them address their growing pains, access funding and achieve commercial success. 

Scale: 20 scaleups will access support (including 1:1 mentoring) to help them grow rapidly in the UK and around the world.

The accelerator is designed to strengthen the UK’s cyber ecosystem and accelerate the growth of a new generation of breakthrough cyber startups to improve national security, stimulate innovation and drive economic growth. 

We, at Hack The Box, are excited and committed to making the best out of this opportunity, which will help us understand even more the needs of our community and clients and will allow us to keep delivering top-notch hacking content to everyone. So, stay tuned, you all! A great season of never-seen-before cybersecurity training is about to come!

Happy Hacking!

Hack The Box Team

About Hack The Box

Hack The Box is an online cybersecurity training platform, allowing individuals and corporate teams to level up their penetration testing skills through a fully gamified, hands-on, and self-paced learning environment. Over 300 constantly enriched virtual labs, real-world scenarios, CTF-style challenges, all part of a massively growing cybersecurity community of 800,000 security enthusiasts exchanging ideas and methodologies. Companies and organizations utilize the platform to train their teams in the most hands-on and engaging way possible. Cyber training gamified, join now and start hacking:

About Plexal

Plexal works with some of the most influential government departments and global tech companies to deliver innovation projects. These include the cross-border Rapid Innovation Accelerator, which connected entrepreneurs in the UK and Oman, and London RoadLab, which helped Transport for London fast-track innovation. Plexal’s cyber innovation team is also building the UK’s most connected cybersecurity ecosystem. Plexal delivers the LORCA accelerator, is the National Cyber Security Centre’s partner for NCSC for Startups and is supporting 108  innovators through the Cyber Runway accelerator. Over the last three years, Plexal has helped cyber startups raise over £200m and earn over £37m in revenue through LORCA alone. For more information visit:

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