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Transforming blockchain security together with HackenProof

We are joining forces to provide top-notch blockchain security education. Join and start hacking right now!

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Aug 21

We are excited to announce our partnership with HackenProof, a trusted crypto and web3 bug bounty platform protecting over $28B in user funds.

In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, security has become an increasingly crucial aspect, particularly with the growing popularity of blockchain. By joining forces, we aim to provide the best-in-market practical education in the field and increase the understanding of blockchain security in the community.

“We have chosen Hack The Box as a security partner for their dedicated work and tremendous impact on educating hackers worldwide.”
- Dmytro Matviiv, Product Owner @ HackenProof

Complete the HackenProof Track

The HackenProof team has been supporting and sponsoring our newly launched blockchain Challenge category, focusing on the underlying technology of smart contracts and the associated security implications. 

All the blockchain Challenges are now structured in a Track that will take the players through a wide range of well-known smart contract vulnerabilities. Participants will gain practical expertise in smart contract security and develop a comprehensive understanding of the broader implications and potential vulnerabilities associated with blockchain-based systems.

💡 Refresher: what is a Track? A selection of Machines and Challenges tied together to progress through mastering a particular subject. Check them all out on HTB Labs

This immersive learning experience aims to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop more secure and reliable blockchain applications. And not only…

All aspiring bug bounty hunters who complete the HackenProof Track will be eligible to compete in private crowdsourced smart contract contests and earn a special badge on their HTB profile. Catch all flags, and mark your achievement! 

Start Track

Blockchain security for enterprise

Organizations can employ experts to help you design a compliant and secure solution and help you achieve your business goals or upskill talent in-house. 

When building an enterprise blockchain application, it’s essential to consider security at all technology stack layers and how to manage governance and permissions for the network. A comprehensive security strategy for an enterprise blockchain solution includes using traditional security controls and technology-unique controls.

All the blockchain Challenges powered by Hack The Box & HackenProof are available for business customers too. To enable your organization to act safely and protect millions of funds, get in touch with our team.

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