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Hack The Box Business CTF 2021

Join Hack The Box Business CTF 2021

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Jul 24

Companies around the world, assemble!

After Cyber Apocalypse, our first global community Capture The Flag event back in April 2021, another thrilling cybersecurity competition is getting ready: Hack The Box Business CTF 2021.

Hack The Box Business CTF 2021

Imagine it as a 54-hour non-stop hacking training, starting on Friday 23rd of July 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC and going on until the last flag on Sunday 25th of July 2021 at 18:00 PM UTC. Just note down some important details about this CTF:

  • Teams from 1-10 players are allowed.

  • Intermediate to hard difficulty.

  • Jeopardy and full-pwn CTF style.

  • Content based on real-world scenarios.

This Capture The Flag competition is open to all companies worldwide, any corporate IT or cybersecurity team can join. As long as you are in for a real-time hacking competition, you already got what it takes! Create a team, join, and leave no flag behind. 

Hack The Box proven experience in organizing CTFs for communities and companies ensures a top-notch set of hacking content based on the latest vulnerabilities, state-of-the-art attack techniques, and realistic scenarios. The content, entirely powered by the Hack The Box team and customized for this specific business event, will feature multiple challenge categories (Web, Crypto, Reversing, Cloud, Forensics, Pwn, Misc), Linux Machines, Windows Machines, and Active Directory Machines.

Thanks to Hack The Box for helping us host a CTF during our internal security conference. We received great support before and during the event. I recommend Hack The Box to anyone looking to enrich a security conference with a gamified hacking tournament.

- Marcin Kolasinki, Software Engineering Manager @ Intel Corporation

Rolling up your sleeves on the best challenges, Active Directory, and Cloud Hacking needs a reward. Or more than one! Team members can earn 6 (ISC)² CPE credits by owning any of the 14 challenges, and receive their “Certificate of Attendance" by scoring at least 200 points. That’s not all: we will announce our fantastic prize list and all our sponsors over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the updates!

In order to give a meaningful experience to all our participants, share insights regarding the latest cybersecurity training trends, and how to make your business more secure, make sure not to miss our pre-event talks on Thursday 22nd of July 2021, starting at 12:00 PM UTC.

  • 12:00 pm UTC: Welcome to the CTF | CTF Content, Rules, Prizes by Sotiria Giannitsari (r0adrunn3r) Senior Community Manager @ Hack The Box

  • 12:30 pm UTC: HTB Academy for Business | New Generation Cybersecurity Training Building Blocks by Dimitris Bougioukas, Training Director @ Hack The Box

  • 13:00 pm UTC: Preparing for a Penetration Test with HTB Academy by Ben Rollin (mrb3n) Head of Training Development @ Hack The Box

  • 13:30 pm UTC: Recruit Top Cybersecurity Talent with HTB | Case Studies by Nikos Fountas, Director of Operations @ Hack The Box

  • 14:00 pm UTC: Corporate CTF Training & Team-Building 101 by Sotiria Giannitsari (r0adrunn3r) Senior Community Manager @ Hack The Box

  • 14:30 pm UTC: Customer Story | Using HTB to keep teams engaged and attack ready during the pandemic by Thomas Williams, Customer Success Manager @ Hack The Box

Interview with:

- Michael Skowrunski, Director, Microsoft Federal

- Joel Cedersjö, Senior Threat Intelligence Manager, NTT Ltd

- Daniel Astor, Principal Scientist, Security Risk Advisors 

  • 15:00 pm UTC: Crafting Attack-Ready Cyber Teams: Attack Simulation & Assessment Labs by Katerina Tasiopoulou, Business Development Manager @ Hack The Box

  • 15:30 pm UTC: Intro to Cloud Security & Professional Labs Teaser by Ian Austin (egre55), Head of Content Innovation @ Hack The Box

This Capture The Flag event will be the perfect opportunity to allocate time to meaningful training that combines competitiveness, gamification, and team-building. We have recently written about why defensive security teams need hacking skills: thinking like a hacker is an advantage for everyone, both pentesters and blue teamers need to polish their hacking skills. Compete with other cybersecurity teams and train while having fun!


Meet you at the scoreboard!

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