The Backstory
Ready to save the world?

22 April is International Earth Day and guess what… The Earth was hacked by malicious extraterrestrials. Their ultimate plan is to seize control of our planet. It’s only you who can save us from this terrible fate.

Save the date to save the world
Monday, 19 April 2021 12:00 UTC - Friday 23 April 2021 UTC 18:00 UTC
Team CTF

Teams of max 10 Hackers

5 Days

Monday to Friday


From Beginner to Intermediate

New Content

Uploaded Every Day @ 14:00 pm UTC

Jeopardy Style

Jeopardy CTF, Themed Challenges

Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2021 Starts
Hack The Planet, Save The Earth
Why Join?
Hack. Hack. Hack.

Top-notch hacking content created by Hack The Box & CryptoHack, customized for the event.

Divine Prizes

Win the biggest and most exclusive prizes ever provided by Hack The Box, CryptoHack, and

Community Party

Meet the most fun, skilled, and interactive hacking community in the world. Become one of us and have fun while learning!

Be The Champion

Are you ready to achieve eternal glory? If yes, then charge your batteries and get ready for scoreboard domination!

Who Can Join the CTF?

Everyone in the world is invited to compete and support the planet by solving challenges and collecting bounties. Collect the most points by taking down some of most “1337” targets in this nebula.

This CTF is for all infosec beginners, cyber security enthusiasts to advanced hackers and for everyone who wants to join our squad to save the earth by testing their security skills and save the planet.

Hack For a Good Cause

For every challenge that gets at least one solve, Hack The Box will be making a donation to Your goal is to hack as much as possible to help us support's mission. The team that achieves the most bloods will get a special prize! is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to computer science education and increasing participation by young women and students from underrepresented groups.

Top-Notch Hacking Content

Here is a small content preview. Are you ready for this?

Challenges by Hack The Box

The HTB content creators have years of experience by participating in all big CTFs out there. We decided to form a team of Subject Matter Experts and give you the most supreme hacking experience. Amazing theme and content for Jeopardy-Style CTF lovers. From web to pwn and hardware to reversing, from easy to insane, this CTF will make you push yourself to new limits. Hacking is our sport and exploits our game. Enjoy!

Challenges by CryptoHack

The CryptoHack team is joining forces with Hack The Box to create the best crypto content out there. From everyday and real-life cryptography algorithms to the most extraordinary math problems. Crypto is cool because it seems impossible to those that don't understand it, but gets trivial once the magic of the maths is revealed. Ready to hack the magic and save the planet?

Amazing Prizes

The coolest prizes await the TOP 10 of the Cyber Apocalypse scoreboard!

Swag Card
Academy Cubes
TOP 10 Hall of Fame
1st Team

1,500 USD Cash + £100 HTB Swag Card + HTB Stickers + Annual VIP PLUS + 1,000 Academy Cubes

2nd Team

1,000 USD Cash + £50 HTB Swag Card + HTB Stickers + Annual VIP + 500 Academy Cubes

3rd Team

500 USD Cash + £25 HTB Swag Card + HTB Stickers + 6 Months VIP + 250 Academy Cubes

4th Team

6 Months VIP + 250 Academy Cubes

5th Team

3 Months VIP + 250 Academy Cubes

6th - 10th Team

1 Month VIP+ Each

Total Prize Value: 11,500£
Team with Most Bloods Exclusive Swag (including T-Shirts, Caps, Chargers, Stickers)

Team with Most Cryptography Challenges Points

CryptoHack Exclusive T-Shirts

Prize List Powered By
Ready to Join?

Four easy steps to join the Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2021 and make history.

Step 1
Step 2
Create an account
Step 3
Create a team (min 1 - max 10 players)
Step 4
Join the "Cyber Apocalypse CTF"

Sign up today (it’s free!) and start looking for teammates.


Join our Discord Server and meet your opponents at


Go to CTFtime and select “We will participate!”. Check the CTF’s rating weight.

Official Hashtag

Spreading the word? Make sure to use the official event hashtag:

CTF Rules
It is strictly forbidden to perform any kind of Denial of Service or any other unwanted actions against the servers or associated infrastructure.
Do not try to brute force the flag submission system.
Do not perform any unwanted actions against other teams/members.
Do not try to exchange flags/write-ups/hints of the challenges during the competition with other teams participating or to other external entities.
Do not distribute the content of the CTF (the challenges) to third party entities for help.
All teams must consist of a maximum of 10 members. Teams with more members will be disqualified.
Behaviour in Discord and towards other players or HTB Team must comply with our ToS and Discord ToS. Failure to do so will result in the appropriate penalty.
Please familiarise yourself with the ToS in place regarding our content and intellectual property.
Any violation of these terms will automatically disqualify the player from the competition.
Rules are rules, but rule No. 1 is to have fun! Let the scoreboard go on FIRE!
Important Notices
Make sure to use a valid email address so we can contact you about CTF updates.
Anyone found to break the rules will not be allowed to participate in any other future events and will be banned from all HTB platforms.
For Support you will use only our Discord Server and the specific channels for the purpose of the event!