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Introducing the Avengers Marketeers of Hack The Box

Catch a glimpse of what it's like to be part of our marketing department!

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Jan 31

28 talented people used their marketing superpowers to form Hack The Box's marketing department.

Keep scrolling to catch a glimpse of what it's like to be part of our marketing department!

Nektaria Malousari (aka Naiad), Senior Graphic Design Lead at Hack The Box, invites you to envision the following: "In the exciting world of cybersecurity, a new force emerges - The Avengers Marketeers. Swiftly, they are hired to support the marketing needs of Hack The Box, a cybersecurity prodigy company, with activities spanning planet Earth. But their actions do not go unnoticed by the Intergalactic Department of Hackers. Soon enough, chaos erupts with Avengers Marketeers at the center of a hacking turmoil that will shake the hacking galaxy."

The four pillars of the Avengers Marketeers' power.

Within the ranks of Hack The Box’s Marketing department, four major functions create the super team:

  • Product Marketing: The Product Marketing team is responsible for messaging and positioning HTB products in the market and training commercial teams on the correct narrative. They are the link between the technical departments and public-facing activities.

  • Marketing Communications: The Marketing Communications team represents and safeguards the HTB brand, building its corporate image, reputation, and thought leadership internally and externally, providing a universal message through effective corporate communication strategies. From PR stories, creative content, engaging social media narratives, brand ambassadors, and physical activations, Marketing Communications plays a vital role in shaping HTB’s positioning and exposure.

  • Growth & Demand Gen: The Growth team leads the way in driving interactions across the full lifecycle to build a revenue pipeline for the other GTM functions.

  • Graphic Design: The Design team is responsible for creating visual solutions that meet user needs and business objectives, balancing aesthetics with functionality and usability. Their overall aim is to deliver a well-designed, brand-aligned, and user-friendly experience.

Marketing Kick-Off (MKO): Where Avengers Marketeers script the next chapter of their saga. 

The tale of Hack The Box’s Marketing team doesn’t begin and end with their day-to-day endeavors. Once a year, they gather at a secret location for MKO–a meeting of reflection, strategy, and celebration.

This year, the streets of downtown Athens, Greece, hosted 26 Avengers Marketeers from Greece, the US, and the UK. 

"MKO 3 was an absolute blast–our best one yet! Picture this: 26 miracle makers from different corners of the globe, coming together to weave marketing magic like never before. From dynamic presentations to brainstorming bonanzas, epic games, fierce competitions, and oh-so-delicious food adventures, we truly had it all. 

I couldn't be prouder of each and every member of our department. Superheroes can be a cliche in company lingo. But not in this case. True 'hackers at heart' set on shaking up the cyber marketing world. So here's to you, the superheroes of this team! Thanks a million for just being you," highlighted Daphne Deiktaki (aka daf), Director of Marketing at Hack The Box.

Before diving into the creation of next year's chapter, the Avengers Marketeers embarked on their MKO journey with a reflective session, assessing the accomplishments, weaknesses, and invaluable lessons gleaned from the previous year. 

MKO Photo 1

Each team took center stage, proudly showcasing the triumphs of the past year while also setting the stage for their strategic blueprints for 2024. 

After that, they brainstormed key campaigns and projects aligned with the company's goals and upcoming major releases. But before delving into the 2024 planning, they immersed themselves in numerous inspirational sessions, seeking to deeply understand their audience and the dynamic landscape of the current market. 

MKO photo

And who could forget the resounding message from their captain, the founder, and CEO of Hack The Box, Haris Pylarinos (aka ch4p)?

MKO Photo 2

But MKO was not all business. Amidst the strategic discussions, the Avengers Marketeers indulged in gastronomic delights, spirited conversations, and even danced their hearts out at a drag show.

As MKO drew to a close, our Marketing team emerged emboldened and united, ready to tackle the challenges that lay ahead.


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