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Hack The Box @ Infosecurity Europe 2022

Hackings news by Hack The Box. Come and see the Hack The Box team on stand T10 at this year’s Infosecurity Europe, taking place in London between June 21-23, 2022.

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Feb 18

Come and see the Hack The Box team on stand T10 at this year’s Infosecurity Europe, taking place in London between June 21-23, 2022

Join us for a three-day deep dive into all things cybersecurity, where we’ll be on hand to all things cyber skills in your organization - including everything from sourcing and assessing external hires to specializing existing team members, and everything in between.

Why attend Infosecurity Europe 2022?

Over 3 days the security industry comes together as more than 400+ international security providers meet with nearly 20,000 industry professionals looking to learn about the latest and most innovative solutions on the market.

Infosecurity Europe is the biggest gathering of the information security community in Europe. Each summer we come together to share innovation, learn from each other, test and benchmark solutions, build relationships and drive new business.

If you’re in the industry, you’ll likely be at Infosecurity Europe 2022!

The HTB Business team will be there throughout the event to take you through how you can close the skills gap at every stage, including how to:

  • Measure cyber readiness
  • Teach, specialize and certify your team
  • Develop individual skills and techniques
  • Run simulated exercises
  • Accelerate cyber recruitment
  • Run team-building events. and much more…


Come and compete in our Stormchaser CTF

Also, you’ll be able to take part in an exclusive Capture The Flag event at Infosecurity Europe 2022, courtesy of Hack The Box.

This exclusive CTF will put your security skills to the test with 5 varied hacking challenges across cloud and AD infrastructure. 

Each challenge is carefully designed to demonstrate the latest attack techniques and vectors in AD and Cloud hacking. It’s your need-to-know showcase of the techniques you’ll meet in your future security engagements. Time to face the gathering storm and learn how to secure your cloud platforms for real.


How to join the Stormchaser CTF

First CTF? No problem! The challenges range in difficulty from easy to intermediate so there’s no need to be a veteran pentester. Plus, teams of up to 4 are welcome, so grab your hacking pals and get down to Geek Street at Infosecurity Europe!

Our friendly HTB team will be onsite to show you how to get set up to take down the challenges and there’s more than £9,000 of prizes up for grabs, including access to our premium cloud hacking training, our famous Pro Labs, and of course - HTB Swag!

Suit up, and we’ll see you on Geek Street,

Hack The Box Team

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