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New Machine Submission Process

We introduce a new machine submission process for our creators.

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May 18

Over the past 4 years, our players have contributed to Hack The Box by submitting top-notch content available for everyone. User-generated content such as Bastion, Cascade, Travel, and Fatty are just some of the most rooted and most glorious machines on the platform.

But what about now? We want more awesome content! Top-quality, up-to-date, and curated machines are what made HTB unique and innovative from its inception. Sticking to our “community first” way of doing things, we decided to introduce a new paid submission process for user-generated content. We aim to further improve the quality of our labs and reward our valuable community who wish to contribute. Content submitters will now receive a reward for their efforts, depending on lab difficulty, complexity, innovation, and learning objectives.

Yes, paid! We believe creators should be rewarded. Take a look at the compensation plans:

  • Easy Machine - up to $300 ($250 guaranteed, $50 quality bonus)

  • Medium Machine - up to $600 ($500 guaranteed, $100 quality bonus)

  • Hard Machine - up to $850 ($700 guaranteed, $150 quality bonus)

  • Insane Machine - up to $1100 ($900 guaranteed, $200 quality bonus) 

You may follow the best practices listed below in order to categorize your content accordingly.






> Typically 2-3 steps.
> CVE with script or Metasploit without modification.
> No binary exploitation.   > Only the most basic scripting required.

> Typically around 3 steps.
> Custom exploitation, but straightforward.
> Path clear from context/hints, no rabbit holes.
> Generating simple scripts.

> Typically 3-5 steps. 
> Custom exploitation, chaining together different vulnerabilities, complex concepts.
> More enumeration is allowed, though don't include pointless rabbit holes. 

> Typically many steps (5+), but can be as short as 3 really hard steps. 

> Anything goes as far as exploitation. 

> Rabbit holes allowed, but hopefully for a purpose. Don't just make things hard for the sake of being hard. 


For an overall view of machine requirements (documentation, best practices, and other details) take a look at our Knowledge Base.

Can’t wait to submit your content? Labs submitted by our community will be used in HTB for Free and VIP/VIP+ users and Dedicated Labs customers. For this reason, we have created new Terms and Conditions that will regulate the relationship between all submitters and Hack The Box, aiming to ensure compliance, security, and integrity in our operations. Take a careful read not to miss any important detail:

  • Submit your machine and accept our General TOS.

  • Upon submitting, we will email you within 2 weeks from our initial review.

  • Within 2 months we will either approve, reject, or ask for changes.

  • If our Release Committee wants to continue with your lab, once your submission passes through the “Provisional Acceptance” process, you will be asked to sign an SOW with Hack The Box.

  • Upon signing of the mutual SOW, 50% of the reward will be paid.

  • Almost there! When your lab is ready for release, our team will inform you. The time from acceptance to release might take 2-3 months.

  • Your machine is ready to get pwned! Two weeks after release the remaining 50% of the reward (plus any additional quality bonus) will be released to your account.

Make sure to check out our FAQ page for any further information needed, doubt, or question.

We are now ready for a new era of content delivery. We cannot wait to see, review, and release your content available for everyone to train and learn cybersecurity. Submit your machine, get recognized, get rewarded!

This new submission process is taking into consideration machines only. At the moment, the challenge submission process remains the same.

Happy Hacking!

HTB Team

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