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Self-Serve Dedicated Labs: Now available on the HTB website

Discover self-served Dedicated Labs

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Jul 19

If you’re a user of the main Hack The Box (HTB) app, you can now use the self-served Dedicated Labs option to experience the benefits of our Business platform without relying on the HTB team to manually set up/create an organization for you. 

Dedicated Labs is a product on the Business platform that gives you:

  • The ability to invite 5-10 team members to a shared Business account

  • Access to a Lab that you can populate with machines and challenges of your choice

  • Access to Reporting for your whole team (including metrics like skill progression, activity, timeline, and flag owns)

You can purchase the self-serve option for Dedicated Labs directly from the HTB website.


How is Hack The Box for Business different from the main Hack The Box app?

By purchasing self-served Dedicated Labs, you get access to the Business platform. HTB Business is tailored to team cybersecurity training. It offers additional tools for user management, custom Lab creation (called Dedicated Lab), and reporting (which is not available in the main HTB app). The main app, on the other hand, helps individual hackers hone their skills. 

HTB Business empowers you to be more deliberate about your team’s skills development by forming teams and owning machines. You can add your entire team and simply choose which members to assign to a Dedicated Lab for training.

What are Dedicated Labs? 

Dedicated Labs make it easy to build a group of machines and challenges of your choice. They offer access to all the machines and challenges available in the main platform, along with filters to pinpoint the exact exploits and technologies you want your team to focus on. Additionally, a Dedicated Lab offers a specific set of seats for users to start training on selected machines. These seats can be reassigned to different employees as each one progresses their skills in owning machines and challenges.

Finally, with your team trained on CVEs of interest, HTB Business/Dedicated Labs offers reporting tools to monitor progress. You and your team can analyze skills development for a subset of team members (or the whole team) via machines and challenges.

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