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HTB Business CTF 2024: 5 reasons why your team should join

May 18th is fast approaching, and your team’s chance to enter The Vault of Hope is running out.

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Apr 18

Hack The Box’s (HTB) Business CTF is a free annual event that offers cutting-edge content on emerging technologies and vulnerabilities.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your security skills as a team and reach the top of a global leaderboard. 

During last year’s global event, 982 security teams and 5,117 professionals worldwide rigorously tested their technical and collaborative skills for a $50,000 prize pool. 

The largest global corporate CTF competition awaits!

“Test your team’s might” with realistic security challenges 💪

The Vault of Hope is the name of this year’s Business CTF, challenging teams to decrypt the mysteries of The Vault, in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear fallout. 

With more than 40 challenges to tackle, teams can try their hand at the following categories: 

  • Web.

  • Reversing. 

  • Pwn.

  • Forensics.

  • Crypto.

  • Blockchain.

  • Hardware.

  • Machines. 

  • Cloud.

  • Misc.

  • ICS.

  • Coding.

Solving challenges together is a fun, accurate way to see how you benchmark against other security teams. 

Performance data from 2023’s event revealed that “Blockchain and cloud-related solve rates were almost 30% lower than the average solve rate for all challenges (18.37%).” 

It showcased the global technical skill gap as teams “catch up” to Web 3.0 technology, protocols, and vulnerabilities.

Note: For a complete picture of industry and challenge performance data, read the full Cyber Attack Readiness Report.

At Mnemonic, we pursue excellence to reach the highest quality for our customers.


That's why we choose providers with the same goals to train our team. Every initiative with the HTB logo means high quality, and the Business CTF was no different. 


We used the event to get our interns into the hacking world, alongside the new hires, while more experienced members sharpened their skills. 


It was a fun and rewarding way to spend that weekend working together and sharing knowledge. I will definitely join for similar events in the future.


Pablo Ruiz Encinas, Security Consultant, Mnemonic

Still unsure? You’ll change your mind after reading these five reasons your team needs to be a part of HTB Business CTF 2024:

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when it brings plenty of amazing benefits. Our Business CTF is completely free to enter, allowing you to give our platform a test run if you haven’t already. 

You’ll be able to assess how your team finds the platform and witness the opportunities it provides to upskill as one. 

It’d be rude not to!

Carefully created by our expert in-house team, you’ll have access to exclusive content featuring only the latest attacks and real-world hacking techniques.

With growing threat actors and more sophisticated attacks on the rise, cybersecurity teams are constantly tasked with evolving to new threats. But how can you keep up to date to protect your organization’s infrastructure? 

At HTB, we develop realistic scenarios across a huge range of topics, ensuring your team is well-versed in red, blue, and purple tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). 

Business CTF is no different, all of the challenges faced are realistic, giving your team the skills to tackle similar threats in real life. 

I was incredibly excited to participate in Hack The Box’s CTF. In the future, I would like to be able to involve my company's team more and spend more time to take full advantage of the event. 


I was left very happy and fascinated with what can be learned practically with exercises prepared by professionals in the field.


I really appreciate the initiative of the team behind the event and I can't wait for them to launch more events like this.


Daniel Núñez Robinson, Cyber Response & Digital Forensics at EY

We conducted a survey of last year’s Business CTF attendants and found that more than 70% of managers view team events like CTFs as a viable way to boost employee engagement.

What’s more, 68% of security team members rated “opportunities to learn skills” as the most successful way of staying engaged at work.

It’s clear that events like CTFs provide multiple opportunities for team members to remain engaged, bond, and improve at their roles, it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

The Vault of Hope interactive storyline also makes this gamified CTF more engaging than ever, leaving static training as a thing of the past.

We’re proud to say that our Business CTF is globally recognized, meaning some of the biggest companies in the world participate. 

But what makes it so exciting is that there’s no barrier to entry, so smaller companies can compete against global ones, making victory even sweeter if you manage to beat their security team.

5. Win amazing prizes and CPEs

Key distribution center

We don’t shy away when it comes to rewarding our Business CTF winners. The total prize pool is worth $50,000+!

The top three teams will be rewarded with free content/certifications and swag cards, meaning the learning can continue and you’ll look awesome while doing it. 

We also give away 6 CPEs to participants who've provided their (ISC)² IDs during sign-up, and whose teams have collected at least 15,000 points.

So, what are you waiting for?

The opportunity to compete in our Business CTF only comes around once a year, so sign up today and see if your team can discover the secrets of The Vault!

Want to support HTB Business CTF? Then become a sponsor!

Sponsoring the event allows you to increase your brand presence amongst our global talent pool of cybersecurity and IT professionals. 

Associating your brand with the best cybersecurity competition around proves that you have a security-first mindset and are in touch with the latest cyber trends.


Author bio: Fiona Leake (fileake), Content Writer, Hack The Box

Fiona Leake is a Content Writer at Hack The Box. Digging deep into how people think to create meaningful content that solves problems is what gets her out of bed in the morning.

Fiona loves simplifying technical topics and enjoys occasionally trying her hand at only the most beginner-friendly HTB Machines.

Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.

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