HTB reveals unique Business CTF data in new Cyber Attack Readiness report

2 Nov 2022

Hack The Box is excited to share exclusive insights from the first-ever Cyber Attack Readiness Report! 

Based on the annually-hosted global CTF event for businesses (HTB Business CTF), the report features unique data from testing 657 corporate teams and 2,979 cybersecurity professionals in key industries (including tech, finance, and government) with over 1,800 cybersecurity challenges based on real-world vulnerabilities.

Dimitrios Bougioukas, Director of IT Security Training Services at Hack The Box, also offers insights on how today’s cybersecurity leaders can cultivate a capable, attack-ready culture of efficient training and development that’s tethered to the live threat landscape and enhances employee engagement. 

Senior cybersecurity leaders from organizations such as Siemens, ING Bank, and Mnemonic also weigh in with their thoughts on how CTFs help and support their internal cybersecurity teams. 

Download the report to learn: 

  • Why most cybersecurity training and development initiatives fail to forge hands-on expertise (and result in lower employee engagement and retention rates)
  • Overall industry performance across eight key cybersecurity challenge categories (including cloud, crypto, web, forensics, hardware, and more) 
  • How each industry performed when tested with various cybersecurity technologies, vulnerabilities, and threat types 
  • Which attack challenges and technologies most companies struggled with and excelled at 
  • The increasing number of cyber attacks on organizations and their financial ramifications